4 Feb 2019

The Gateless Gate of Samadhi ebook

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A gateway of soul purpose The essence of this book is to help guide the sincere seeker of Samadhi to the Gateless Gate, a metaphysical bodymind state, to provide the curiosity and means, and above all, sincerity and power, to pass through the gate, and return safely to where we always already are – peacefully, in the here, now. […]

3 Dec 2018

A Yoga Ambassador of One-ness

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Paramahansa Yogananda brought a very different kind of yoga to the West (pre 2nd World War era) than the modern stretch, relax and oversize bendy stretch version of what is not really yoga. In this Instagram post below he beautifully talks about cherishing life, now. Note how he describes a spirituality that is not specifically religious, […]

26 Nov 2018

Breath – the source of Well-being

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Breathing and eating is essential to living. ● Breathing provides direct access to the life force that animates life Breathing is the primary sign life. Without it the heartbeat soon stops. Respiration is an intrinsic aspect of all metabolic function, from digestion to detoxification possible. To breathe effectively requires an upright and relaxed posture, and […]

23 Aug 2018

The Golden Middle Way of Hatha Yoga

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Aspiring and established yogi’s naturally emphasise the particular “style of yoga” they are doing. But this may easily obscure a core purpose of Yoga. And with that, one of the great aspects of the discipline, one that provides so much value to the practitioner and its community or society, may too be obscured. Much clarity […]

16 Aug 2018

The beautiful energy of gratitude and love

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Thank you. Two of the most powerful words. Heartfelt gratitude is love in action. Gratitude and love connects us directly to Source. Grace is the highest frequency. This is the vibration of Prana. Realise this and you realise Self. It is the only thing you need to know about the Law of Attraction. ॐ Hari […]

25 Jun 2018

A Law of Healing – Holographic Nature Holism

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The interconnection of all things Holism as healing is a natural law of non-duality. Everything that exists is a part of All That Is. This principle of Advaita Yoga non-duality is a fundamental law of natural healing. Disconnection from the whole is a polarised, artificial and limited, dualistic (mis)perception. The way we live on Earth […]

16 Jun 2018

The Bliss of Union through the Yoga of Understanding

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Yoga is a Universal system. Its primary goal is Union – of body with mind, and with the cosmos. Yoga techniques and practices re-align the sum of all aspects of being. To achieve such a state of yoga includes, but goes beyond the practice of asana, pranayma and meditation. A Yoga of Union is also […]

22 May 2018

Yoga is an all natural, cutting edge technology

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Yoga is an all natural, cutting edge technology. Currently trending as a popular exercise and well-being practice the yoga lore says the “original” yoga is as old as time. Yoga is essentially an “organic” practice, where the adjective means ” relating to or derived from living matter”. An “organic” diet ethos is reflected in many parallel trends […]

1 May 2018

Sunrise Yoga on Muizenberg Beach & Mountain Adventures to feed the Soul

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Sunrise is the most spectacular daily event on Earth. Muizenberg is blessed with a mountain that meets the beach – an excellent place for a soulful adventure or yoga for the soul. Due to weather conditions a love of outdoors with a serious sense of fun and unstoppable enthusiasm is sometimes required – but particpants […]

10 Mar 2018

Rumi, Love & Yoga

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My track “Magnificent” includes a poem by Rumi, These words are those of a true master-mystic: We are a drop in the ocean, and the ocean, is a drop in us. Rumi was 13th-century Persian Sunni Muslim poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, before becoming a Sufi mystic. The words he became famous for had the elegance and wisdom of a being throughly versed in in an […]

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