25 Feb 2017

Who Am I?

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  The simple question “Who am I” is the basis of a profound method of self-enquiry. Should the question catch your interest you will find it worth a read and your steady commitment to apply the message of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi (online pdf). When “what you are not” drops away only Self remains. Every nuance of subtle or […]

15 Feb 2017

Evolve into Supernature: Yoga & Conscious BodyMind Meditation

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Human Beings have way more potential than our limited physical and mental reality allows us to see and access. Yoga and conscious bodymind meditation connects us to that infinite potential, and brings the infinite into existence, into being. BE a Human Being To truly BE a human being we have to BE all that we, […]

7 Feb 2017

How to use yoga to help release your limitations

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Practice of asana and prananyama, yoga exercises and breathing, reduces body stress, and raises vitality. Mental and emotional limitations is removed as the practice works through the body and nervous system for personal growth. Possibility of a better way of life emerges in awareness of true self that begins to replace unreal self (limited, shallow or […]

7 Feb 2017

Limitation vs Supernature

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The “Body, Mind & Spirit”orientation of hatha yoga promotes personal healing as “the” method to troubleshoot and resolve any situation, on any level. Solutions suggested by the “thinking mind” alone are not considered as valid the thinking mind on its own is “disconnected from the whole”. Holistic health, or absence of a holistic, systemic worldview, […]

6 Feb 2017

Mindful commitment to the moment leads to supernature

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Commitment, moment to moment, to the moment, increases direct connection to yoga as union without having to make separate time available for class. We learn how to connect to our supernatural state of consciousness in class and then practice how to maintain that connection in real life. That is mindfulness. Learn mindful consciousness ● See my blogs for […]

31 Jan 2017

Follow the Joy of your Bliss Video Blog

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When I just published this video I wondered how it is out there for those in dual reality? That would be the majority of people on the planet. Because the bliss I felt doing what I love doing (creating and sharing this video) feels really good. Why is this so? In the video I state that […]

26 Jan 2017

Meditation & Infinite Potential

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Infinite potential arises from a conscious connection to the infinite life source. Unchecked thought and feelings originate in a disconnect from the whole. Anything but direct connection to such unlimitedness creates all the problems of this world. Mental, physical, ecological, economic, personal, national and universal imbalances occur when the mental and emotion aspects dominate the world with knowledge […]

19 Dec 2016

Align with The Force

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I am fascinated with the physciality of alignment, and exploring energetic practices that may assist with alignment. Awareness of how life is expressed in the body, or how we are in the body, and in the world, is a vital aspect of well-being. Wellness, or health, of the whole being, means “making whole of all […]

18 Dec 2016

Muizenberg Beach Stunning Surf Yoga Cape Town Location

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Celebrate FREE Beach Meditation Yoga & Chi Gung Sessions. Enjoy Sunrise events such as Solstice on Surfers Corner (sun sets behind mountain) and Sunset events such as Full Moon by the river mouth (a short way down main beach). Your hosts are usually Chi Gung specialist Richard Stoltz and Johann Kotze, one of Cape Towns most experienced yoga teachers. Send me an email if […]

14 Dec 2016

Easy vinyasa flow sequences for home practice

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Use the sequence of asana below for an easy flow own practice. I sketched the stickman chart for home practice and teachers training. A sequence of coordinated, dynamic poses, executed in harmony with the breath, is usually know as vinyasa yoga.  Practicing the sequence Please note the absence of instruction for each individual pose. ● Level: beginner friendly if you are in good shape and […]