30 Nov 2017

Vigorous asana invigorate

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Yey for Johann! I just graduated to a proper Instagram Yogi. After my beach yoga practice on a fairly windy Muizenberg summer beach at sunrise this morning, I took a whole set of selfies by just standing the phone up, setting the timer to 10 seconds, tapping the round button and posing (haha pun intended). […]

10 Nov 2017

Learn, learn, learn, share, share, share

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I blogged below post as a reflection on my yoga life path on my Instagram which is now one year old. How much yoga did you do do this year? Did you share your energy with others? The impact yoga practice has on one’s body is invaluable. The body that we take, or the vehicle […]

8 Nov 2017

Ambient Hypnosis Vol. 2 Sacred Heart – a new Therapy Music album

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This higher dimensional music for reconnecting body and mind with the wholeness and abundance of spirit is influenced by timeless yoga meditation. I based the album titles on a simple awareness of breath as a means to go within, into the sacred inner chamber, to connect it with higher self and universal consciousness, the source […]

2 Oct 2017

Joy of Yoga

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Feeling genuinely positive is wonderful. But how does one access such joy? In the yoga philosophy all practices start with learning how to breathe, stretch, move, and be still – ways to stimulate the bodymind to experience uplifting well-being. Such well-being is exactly what it says: wellness of the whole being. In ordinary daily-grind reality […]

30 Sep 2017

Vajra. Indestructible Thunderbolt.

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“Vajra” convey images of strength, indestructibility and force. The word of may be translated as both “thunderbolt” and “diamond”, traced back to its origins as a ritualistic object that had both the indestructible nature of a diamond, and the irresistible force of a thunderbolt. Meditation, Mantra & Yoga This concept has several applications in yoga, […]

19 Sep 2017

Without breath there is no life

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In a living body breath is the vital sign of life. Without breath there is no life. It makes 100% sense to develop breath awareness and techniques above everything else to improve vitality and quality of life. Breathing is one of the Essentials of Effective Yoga and the second Key in my book Five Keys to […]

8 Sep 2017

Meditation is more valuable than gold

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Meditation is always the most valuable thing you can do. When you find that fabled place of expanded centredness and eternal peace inside, you have struck gold. When you practice meditation frequently, to inhabit that space, you are mining the gold. When you learn to continuously be in that space, you realise yourself beyond gold. […]

6 Sep 2017

Trees for Life – Spirit Calling Us

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In certain spiritual traditions there are five Trees of Life that loosely corresponds to the five sheaths or koshas (energy bodies) of yoga. These “trees” form a layered part of an energetic eco system, ranging from the physical to the subtle bodies, including the bliss body, the culmination of the Five Trees, or the Zoar […]

15 Aug 2017

Shine a light on the shadows

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What happens when a candle is lit in the dark? Light appears, and shadows. Awareness is the light that highlights the seen, and the unseen. Without awareness of the those unseen, dark and shadowy areas, and its interplay with the light, unhealthy behaviour occur. All behaviour is influenced by both light and dark. Ignorance is […]

24 Jul 2017

Power Centre

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This blog is on the balance of power; inner and outer, worldly and spiritual. Integration of opposites is necessary for a healthy third chakra-solar plexus manipura centre. Gradual learning of new, healthier ways of being is a process of unlearning old behavioural patterns. From there every relationship may evolve from a wrestle for or negating […]

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