Awareness awakens wisdom, technique shows us how

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Awareness Awakens Yoga Muizenberg

In yoga technique is an ability to consciously access life force energy. A means to render the body and mind a more effective tool. Technique and inspiration, in evolving synergy, develop all yoga practices as it is intended, a spiritual or “meaning of life” practice rather than “effective for performance sake” only practice.

We are in the zone, on the mat, and off, when inspiration and technique comes together

Philosophical “right thinking” is as important as exact physical practices. A practical and esoteric orientation combined, or inspiration and technique, art and science, introversion, and extroversion, all forms a whole, metaphysical reality. In yoga life is best served when there is such knowledge at the forefront one’s awareness. And this is why “feeling”, a direct experience of the layers of being, by “self”, is vital.

One may think of technique as information and knowledge, and wisdom as the insight and understanding that grows from this knowing.

When one can “go within” to connect to the benefits of one’s practice, “true self” becomes aware of itself, and can verify itself. Awareness of an inner compass is activated. Self can “know” itself, self is realised. Self-realisation takes place in the bodymind.

of how we are in the world
affects our state of being

When we become aware of our point of view or our bodies
We can see our strengths and weaknesses
Blinds spots, and magnificence, appear

We see the detail
and the big picture
Consciousness, is

In our lives we may either:
Numb or sharpen
Contract or expand

Developing holistic, mindfulness based techniques

Awareness blossoms into consciousness, or wisdom. Many different roads may take one there. My recommendation, self practice and teaching philosophy, is set out in my book Five Keys to Well-being. Essentials of Effective Yoga. It captures the simple, holistically, practical mechanics of yoga in a clean, clear and concise guide. All its instruction is based on mindfulness practices, aimed to develop greater self awareness with a powerful combination of do-able physical practices that will not take up a lot of time.

Develop an holistic awareness of body, mind and spirit with my Five Keys to Well-being. 

Use my mindfulness meditation 

Play my music for consciousness

Wishing you many, rich blessings!
– Johann

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