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Posted by on Apr 10, 2017 in Blog

FacebooktwitterpinterestmailFacebooktwitterpinterestmailHuman potential lies not in the intellect, physical prowess or deep spiritual connection alone, but in the whole being. Our potency is in the sum of the parts, body, mind and spirit, the whole human being. When the thinking mind – philosophical or scientific, and physical achievement, overcoming obstacles or achieving glorious feats – is informed by the heart.

My 3 minute video blog is about the human potential the yoga way.

Manifesting potency through practice and purification  

Whole Being Potency is a potential that, apart from spontaneous or occasional manifestation, cannot consistently be accessed without conscious effort. Realise the potential of the bodymind, purify it of limited thinking, transform it with potent thought form frequencies. This is a gradual process from which the ardent practitioner will reap the benefits of holistic integration.

Chakra Healing practices help us reveal and connect to our core human potential or Divine Essence. Yoga practiced with sincerity and skilful focus, and especially practice of sound vibrations/mantra, such as the OM Mantra, lets us tap into our awesome potential. Purify Use my Deep Peace of OM chant, tone along with it, listen in deep body aware meditation or play it in the background to be one, in bodmind, with spirit.

Note that I overplayed the OM Symbol on a Tree of Life for the track cover design.

In OM and Yoga
Johann Kotze
Cape Town
10 April 2017

ॐ ॐ ॐ

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