Easy vinyasa flow sequences for home practice

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Use the sequence of asana below for an easy flow own practice. I sketched the stickman chart for home practice and teachers training. A sequence of coordinated, dynamic poses, executed in harmony with the breath, is usually know as vinyasa yoga. 

Practicing the sequence

Please note the absence of instruction for each individual pose.

● Level: beginner friendly if you are in good shape and have experience with the asana of the sequence
● Time/duration: hurry through this practice in 10 minutes, or draw it out twice as long, or more
● Stay in each pose or dynamic sequence as long as you like, or do as many repetitions as it suits you
● Use the 2 sets separately or as one

vinyasa johann kotze cape town

vinyasa johann kotze cape townList of poses:

Forward stretch in butterfly
Easy dog
Dynamic cat-dog
Down dog/Up dog (Cobra)
Standing relaxed forward double bend
Standing hands in prayer

● End with meditation, and/or relaxation for Alignment.

Posture, breath and mobility for stress release, peak performance and well-being

Develop greater understanding of practice with accurate, individual and knowledgable execution. Study my Essentials of Effective Yoga that shows how good posture improves breathing, for increased mobility and relaxation. It makes a strong case for its integration into hatha vinyasa flow, and into everyday lifestyle. The mix of asana, pranayama, mudra, kriya, yogic diet lifestyle, yogic Vedic philosophy, deep meditation and relaxation, all becomes part of the yoga. This is yoga as “union” of body-mind-spirit.

Johann Kotze,
OM Blessings
In Music & Yoga,
Cape Town, 14 December 2016.

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