Evolve into Supernature: Yoga & Conscious BodyMind Meditation

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Human Beings have way more potential than our limited physical and mental reality allows us to see and access. Yoga and conscious bodymind meditation connects us to that infinite potential, and brings the infinite into existence, into being.

Johann Kotze Consciousness Yoga Supernature

BE a Human Being

To truly BE a human being we have to BE all that we, as human BEINGS, are. This is one, holistic interpretation of what Body-Mind-Spirit is – and it is more a process of becoming. We practice to become a whole being. That whole being is more than the sum of the parts, as a human being is only a holographic representation of its infinite potential when body, mind and spirit is activated in one-ness with all that is – the bigger conscious universe. Without the integration of all the parts there is little magic, a separated or partially separated from the whole body, a thought, an emotion, in a perishable, limited reality. A temporary, material existence with at best a few sparks of magical potential insights.

A practice that integrates all the parts of a being in conscious awareness of all that is:

● reveal unlimited potential
● develop that potential
in direct connection to divine consciousness

This is our true potential, our supernature.

Access real self and evolve into supernature  

Due to the limited reality of the world we are limited in a state of unconsciousness. To awaken your Super Nature you have to unlimited yourself. Consciousness includes everything, but everything does not include consciousness. An inanimate object is not alive, a dead body is dead. Conscious Life Force is found in nature, in breathing, in consciousness, not in things and supermarkets.

Your consciousness – the life within you – is your being in an ocean of cosmic consciousness. You can be part of of it, or separate from it.

Be the change, BE One, Union

Meditation and physicality helps achieve ideal, heightened supernature insights and states, in individuals, together in community. You buy into it and pay it forward when you you awaken love and respect of nature, your body moving and breathing, in enjoyment and appreciation of nature. Likewise gratitude, positive interactions and attitudes help create happy communities. Because conscious supernature is free of ego and gender, race, religion and dogma, cultural bias. Yet a connection to the whole includes “spirit”, it is nor material or atheist. Conscious in this sense is awareness of all that is, as a living consciousness. Supernature is union, it is not about power.

Yoga as Union Video Blog

In this blog talk about how attainable the supernature ideal is, because an understanding of consciousness creates an upward spiral of consciousness. Yoga shows us a powerful way to union, human being potential. In the video I ask two questions that, when asked regularly in daily living, helps open up such an upwards spiral into union and supernature, where everything is possible, because everything is.

● How much better does it get than this?
● Who am I? (See my blog “How to use yoga to release your limitations” on this philosophy)

Become a Divine Connection – go within

Supernature is understanding that “being human” is to BE, spirit in body, or bodymind. Spirit or “life” and manifests in the body. Personal healing takes place from within; through inner transformation of the “ordinary” limited (partial) reality that is the result of the misunderstanding that thought is the ultimate power.

Global transformation of society (corporations, governments, its workers and citizens, and the animal kingdom) requires Divine connection to the Divine, harmony with the planet and peoples with each other. Awareness is a first level of practice, awareness of “consciousness” is another, and surrender to a “higher consciousness” or one-ness another. Healing, to be whole, is a Supreme Gift of Of One Consciousness. Supernature is a beautiful space of Grace, where each unique Divine Self exists in Unlimitedness.

Mystical? Yes! Be still. Go to where time and circumstances have no power. What can we learn from there? We must find a way to gather the power of no power, connect to the eternal wisdom of days beyond ancient. The time to BE is now. See yourself. BE. Overcome the (smaller) power of separation and transform duality into one-ness of All that Is.

The entire practice Yoga is Union is directed at “Evolving into Supernature” (one way of saying it). It is a process of becoming. Practice with patience. Wisdom requires time to sink in. And effort, a willingness to learn, and then learning some more. See the blog How to use yoga for union.

OM Blessings
Yours in Music & Yoga,
Cape Town, Muizenberg

15 February 2017


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