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Gayatri Mantra is a prayer song of conscious connection to the Primal Force of Life. It is chanted in integral yoga and other yoga styles that incorporate mantra. As with the Om chant and yoga itself, it is of cosmic consciousness, a universal practice, from beyond dogma and cultural orientation.

Interpretation of the Indian Sanskrit rituals and mantra translations differ. But it is serves us to know that functionality of a mantra is only shaped to a degree by understanding of its meaning, perhaps even hampered by the intellect. The rue meaning of mantra is in the vibrational quality of sounding the phrases, listening to recordings of mantra, or “feeling” the sound vibrations by reading the phrases. One does not have to know the sea is salty to experience it.

A translation consistent with a holistic universe 

Intellectual understanding via any one, or ideally a personal mix of translations, may include a passing, or deeper interest, of the cultural background of the origins and history of the mantra. Most important is how we connect with the mantra in our personal life, and in context of our modern world. Following is a translation composite that makes beautiful sense. The Sanskrit verse follows after an explanation.

Should you not want to be led by the intellect skip straight to reading the lines, and learning the mantra off by heart, let it reveal its mysteries to you directly :-)) The sound/vibration of mantra is a science in its own right, a mystery to only the thinking mind, hence best practiced with an open heart and mind. Practice in such a state, or to help achieve such a state, it provides a straight forward connection of bodymind and spirit to the one-ness of All that is.

1. Om salutation, and “to All that dwells in the physical realm, conscious mind and omnipresent spirit”. We may access connection to such a state in bodymind meditation. Just the first line introduction to the Gayatri mantra is worth contemplation and practice.
2. “Oh God, the Protector, the basis of all life, Whose contact frees the soul from all troubles, Whose brilliant qualities pervade Everything.
3. Who purifies and sustains all, the Creator and Energizer of the whole Universe, an Enlightened Perfect One, with focus on You.
4. to be the Purifier of all, so as to direct us on our path of Enlightnement.

1. Om. Bhu-r bhuvah, svah.
2. Tat sa-vi-tur va-re n yam.
3. Bhar-g de-va-sya dhi-ma-hi.
4. Di-yo yo nah. Pra-co-da-yat.

Just do it. Get to know and use this and other mantra for personal and communal upliftment. As functional “decorative music” it simultaneously helps raise connection to All that is, so that we may become more familiar with its “wisdom code vibrations”, and encourages us to call for help when we need it. The Gayatri mantra is a way of compassion for all life, a connection to, wherever or however exactly, you feel, the Source of such assistance comes from.

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● Sanskrit and mantra is a fascinating topic, here is a reference (external link) to the Vedic poetic meter and the Gaytri.
About the Sri Yantra (graphic at top, external link): “yantra” is a sacred diagram, a “visual mantra” or sacred geometry that transmits subtle information of mystical significance to the one who looks at it, opening inner awareness and receptivity to the information that the yantra expresses. Very often, Buddhist monks and other spiritual practitioners focus on a yantra or mandala while meditating. Sri Yantra is often paired with the Gayatri Mantra to potentise its potential.

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