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Mantras are revered by some yogi’s as sacred sound vibrations that operate beyond ordinary perception. These sound syllables, when chanted as a word or group of words, may help the chanter experience reality differently than ordinary understanding allows.  As such mantra are considered to have the capacity to effect profound personal transformation.

Yoga metaphysics suggests that creation is a series of holographically connected universes, with an underlying one-ness, of which we are an integral part of. Mantra helps individual consciousness connect with the source energy vibration of existence. This practice of mantra therefore is purifying, it helps dissolve duality and let the practitioner dissolve into non-duality, to merge with all consciousness.

A whole different perception

Quantum physics explores explores an underlying “field of existence” and an original one-ness or source out which everything is made of, and interconnected to. As such ordinary words, language and science can neither adequately intellectualise or express the hidden vibratory function of mantra practice.

Mantra activates the gateways or “doors of perception” to transform ordinary reality into literally another vibrational reality where this One-ness is met, and understood, vibrationally. Particularly the OM Mantra is intoned as a prayer, and invocation, to connect with and surrender to the Supreme Being or “God”.

Wisdom from behind the veil of ignorance  

Vedic wisdom is shrouded in the mists of time. A metaphysical wisdom, based on non dual self-enquiry, is the back-bone of the complete yoga system. Ancient yogis were keepers of the teachings found in the Vedas, some of the oldest surviving texts on the planet.

OM is used as greeting or salutation in the Vedas, and the OM or A-U-M was chanted at the start and end of their gatherings to honour, and connect with, literally, Everything That Is. OM is thought of as the “vibrational sound fabric of the universe”. Repeated drone-tone practice of the OM reveals a physical and psychological awareness of inner peace and the One-ness of all Creation.

As such this state of non-duality can only be experienced, and then related intellectually, and not the other way round.

A pure state

This “universal sound” is therefore not a religious or dogmatic concept, but a spiritual science, for lack of another description, grasped as a living body, mind and spirit experiment.

To help make sense of this we may consider the atmospheric quality in a library or a cathedral. There is a sense of learning and respect for wisdom in the air, different to hustle of a shopping mall or bustle of building site. The chalk-and-cheese differences are also felt with, for example how we feel in a fight-or-flight situation, or the sensations experienced during an expansive, creative activity. Mantra helps its practitioner access expansive and devotional states in that is felt directly with the nervous system.

Please note: one-ness and inner peace exists

And it is readily accessible. We don’t have to wait to attain perfection, or go anywhere for it. Outside of limited time-space reality we already are perfect, in wholeness. That is a main point of non-duality awareness. Mantra (and other yoga) helps breaks down limited, boxy realities, and set in motion the vibrations to transform the ordinary body into a vehicle of light. It is all a process of becoming. The road to becoming may be long and winding at times, but usually only arduous when our connection to Source is patchy.

Sounds of Devotion

When connecting with the deep resonance of mantra it becomes a natural imperative to surrender to the Divine Magnificence, within and of All That Is. Mantra as a direct connection to super conscious states. See the post with mantra translations, recordings, and practices.

In OM, with OM Blessings
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18 April 2017

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