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Infinite potential arises from a conscious connection to the infinite life source. Unchecked thought and feelings originate in a disconnect from the whole. Anything but direct connection to such unlimitedness creates all the problems of this world. Mental, physical, ecological, economic, personal, national and universal imbalances occur when the mental and emotion aspects dominate the world with knowledge and ego, instead of wisdom.

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Nor the thinking mind nor the feeling heart on its own has the capacity for meaningful change. Fixing an unconscious world with thinking or emotional based solutions can’t work, such unconsciousness cannot be fixed with a broken, disconnected tool. Broken means “not whole”, it occurred in the first place by not paying the right attention to spirit and body. Listening to the heart and bodymind creates consciousness, a practical, spiritual holistic combination.

Some are cynical about spiritual solutions, but I’d rather be a bit naive than cynical. Some meditators on the other hand are quite militant about their discipline. While discipline is needed for meditation it is not a rigid hardness. That would stifle the inner wisdom, rather you are looking for a clear and firm awareness, to steer the thinking mind and emotions, in mindfulness, so that Real Self can rise, spontaneously, as consciousness.

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ॐ OM Blessings
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Cape Town,
26 January 2017.

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