Mindful commitment to the moment leads to supernature

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Johann Kotze Yoga Class Cape Town Relaxation
moment to moment, to the moment,
increases direct connection to
yoga as union
without having to make separate time available for class.

We learn how to connect to our supernatural state of consciousness in class
and then practice
how to maintain that connection in real life.

That is mindfulness.

Learn mindful consciousness

See my blogs for insights or techniques (actual practice) of how to be in the moment
● Alignment to Prana, the Universal Life Force is as good a place to start
Also learn the joy of follow your bliss (video blog)
● With mindful commitment comes a life of increased joy and less suffering

Many Blessings,
In OM & Yoga, Muizenberg (link to “about my classes”)
Cape Town

Mindfullness Yoga Meditation Cape Town


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