Self-realisation & Yoga Part 2 – Meditation

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Meditation is the essence of yoga and the key to self-realisation

Continued from Part 1, the preceding blog Self-realisation & Yoga.

Yoga says “self” can only be known in meditation. And it instructs us to meditate in the body, utilising the “bodymind”, as a whole.  to know self. This is why “yoga” also means to “yoke”, or harness, all. The left and right, masculine and feminine, the moon and the stars, the inner world and outer worlds.

Remember that you are looking for that which is already right there. That self is not in front of you, outside of you, it is within. And unlike an external journey to a destination, let’s say another country, far away, self is right there. It is a return to innocence.

This is where the paradox of simple complexity kicks in again. Complex simplicity. In limited perception, limited dimensionality, we tend towards, or are over-run by dualistic, exclusivity. In fact dualism arise soon as we think, as thinking is limiting because it is mental. It only knows logic. Nothing wrong with that, when balanced by the creative or intuitive. Else it can easily be a sharp, lethal tool of deception.

Being, just being, enjoying something, in the present, aware, open, releases the vice grip of the mental realm. Creativity, of any kind, going for the top of the hill or mountain simply because it is possible, for its own sake, releases duality. This happens when the surfer rides the wave, become one with its crest and face. For a moment there is only the ride. Meditation teaches us to expose reality, and it helps reveal the true self.

Exposing duality helps reveal one-ness 

Metaphysical philosophy explores quantum possibilities. Here time is linear, and one may glimpse a sense of eternal self by being in the moment, present. This is how meditation helps us understand self, and reach out to body-mind-spirit integration. It shows the binary aspect of dualism – that when we’re not in awareness of the whole, we’re either a one or zero, yin or yang, masculine or feminine, and we’re we polarised. In the non-duality of meditation, conscious awareness, one-ness is sensed, and it “makes sense” because ordinary reality is transcended.

In one-ness we are aware of the whole, and its parts

The big picture, the sum, and its parts helps us see the journey, and the traveller. Realising the fleeting nature of dualistic helps us connect with true self, and this helps surrender to pain, loss, desire, everything; one part cannot be without the other. We can them more easily accept what is, and how it is. A question here may include whether we can also accept joy, and surrender to it without guilt, or without fear that it may not last? Both joy and pain, finding and losing. left and right, top and bottom, inside and out – together – forms the whole. Surrender of dualisms leads to the embrace or acceptance of the parts that forms the whole.

Healing = awareness of the whole. It contains more detailed than the thinking mind can reason. A paradoxical-sounding state of focus and expansion. More of a sphere than a flat circle, more dimensional and inclusive than one can imagine – infinitely so. It includes all that is, body and mind, heart and soul. The whole truth can only be the whole truth.

The elements earth, fire, water and air is cleansed and purified, transformed by the fifth element, ether. Ether here is consciousness. In awareness of all the elements, one becomes conscious. We may take on the body of light consciousness and become illuminated. In our ordinary reality we may think of a person illuminated by such consciousness as an enlightened being.

This light has to be felt, brought into the body.

This essential yoga principle will be explored in a next post with greater detail and structure, with techniques and general practices of yoga bodywork and meditation, based on how I see the transition route from stiff and limited, to more loose and open.

Cosmic awareness, consciousness of the magnificence of one’s inner spaces and the connection to outer spaces is part of the process: see my music and video production and celebrate creation with cosmic consciousness.

OM-ness blessings & illuminations
Johann Kotze Music & Yoga
Muizenberg, Cape Town,
6 July 2015

Ps: Use my yoga-light-body-consciousness-meditation-music-video to help access your meditation potential. 

Light Body Activation & Cosmic Meditation Yoga

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