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Herewith a long, wordy post. Although words may take us to a headspace it may help us understand “how and which” thoughts we choose as our realities. As body, mind and spirit creatures we do have brains, and thoughts will arise. Mindfulness and meditation does not suggest that we avoid or suppress thought or emotions, it just does not want us to follow our thoughts in endless runaway train scenarios, gaze at our navels all the time or go down endless wormholes that takes us away from our centre.

How we express our thoughts also matter, a lot. Always remember to look up to see the sunlight in the trees, to be amazed by how many grains of sand there are on the beach, how a blade of grass pushes up through the soil. It will help keep you in balanced check. Our thoughts may even help us listen more to the heart.

Following the photograph are four posts from my Facebook profile. I write these type of things from time to time; it helps me get my mind in order, and a way for me to practice expressing myself. There are thematic threads in there, but bear in mind they are opinion pieces, only as objective as I was at the time. They are meant to stimulate the reader to observe more, and feel for an own inner truth. Writing blogs or posts are for me creative, contemplative and communicative. It let’s me share some pics I take, and taking notes are, so to speak, just something I like doing, all part of me following my bliss.

Nature Antidote

On creating our world, within the world, I wrote this just before Trump became president….

Hitler and Trump have in common huge persuasive powers. Huge positive belief in their fanaticism that overpowers the common sense of the populace with absurdity. It is their hyperbole, stoked by the thought energy of the people, that allow them to thrive.  They are masters of manipulating the masses. Advertising is no different; marketing plays to peoples weakness. Run by psychopaths that enslave the disempowered. To counter that imbalance requires, by analysis, requires crystal clear thoughts. Human beings have to evolve to non-destructive empowerment. If you think this is impossible, then how can it become a reality? Reasonable people often has “cautious optimism” at best, realists that may have “cynical disengagement” and the masses, for good reason or not, experience total disconnect to functional community. That does not help create a more functional world. We are our thoughts. Our beliefs shape our world. What we think allows or disallows the racism and fear that the Hitlers and Trumps feed on. The injustices of the world begin with the seeds of our thoughts. When we don’t have those seeds of hate or despair there can be no growth of hate or fear. I was so inspired this morning by an email I saw from Avaaz, reporting how well it went in Holland with their global Hope Over Hate campaign. Beautiful. A giant hippy movement on steroids of social media force that backs physical engagement. It’s how the hippies made real changes in world culture, by being the change. Avaaz says we, the people, should accept the responsibility to rise against hate, to defend the values of unity and tolerance that make us strong. But most of all, the responsibility to dream of a better world. I say let’s add “transform yourself, be the change, be the boldly optimistic belief that positive change is possible”. Let’s grow the thoughts that grows that mindset.

This post promoted my previous video blog.

We have to get clever, grow legs and open our hearts is what I am saying in this little video blog. For humanity to not sink into the mire of the world and develop a sustainable future (with assistance of a couple of large miracles) we need to get spiritual, physical and connect into a much greater wisdom than the limited thinking that we “evolved” thus far. It may be a long shot, but no point not giving it a go.

This one is an Easter morning contemplation:

Today is Good Friday. What on earth are we to make of such a Day? personally I am celebrating a Friday that is nor bad nor good. After all it is only another day unless we make of it what it was meant to made of. In the world of our making, a daily history of war mongering and cultural bias, it is plain to see that the mix of personal gain and international political power triumphs. There are some good intentions but the words of the prophets tend to get lost in the mire of man. Countries are warring endlessly because that is simply the state of nations. But nations are made up of people. People who are too self-serving to care for themselves, others or the planet. It is vital to understand that “the rule” is not the only force operating. That apathy, fear, cynicism, hatred and naivety not only does not change that pattern, it keeps that pattern in operation. Blind faith and idealism, being against those things does nothing but keep spinning the wheels of imbalance that just churns on and on. Our collective pain and suffering is, well, collective. Where is peace, abundance and love? What does a “spiritual person” or “yoga person” then do, if being in opposition or activism does not help? What is the point of our belief systems and mechanisms if they only produce conditional “good”? It is up tho those who comes round to the point of individuation to go within and be the change by becoming more “whole”. It is a different kind of activation. None of us are innocent, but neither blame or guilt changes the insidious patterns of behaviour embedded in our collective being. The pattern is doing what it does, it creates the same reality over and over. Dysfunction and disconnect cloaked in religion and commerce and hedonism and apathy and the rest. Nothing can be done or needs doing to change the pattern. We are the pattern. We are the change. We have to step in with our true self, or real self. The collective whole is inside all of us. Holism a strange mix of individualism and community. Can you forgive and accept yourself for what you are and what you are not, and do the same for others? Is this not a good Friday to try something new, because the same old same old sure is not going too well for us? Of course it is absurd to cover our bodies to hide its sex but it is no less absurd to treat it as merchandise. Bullying at the school playground is as unacceptable as it is at home as at the workplace, yet this perpetual power struggle continuous to drag our societies down. There is no victory in winning, nor in not playing. Can we look at ourselves and our personal world in a different light and see how it is one and the same thing? Can we walk away from our family and collective histories towards a Greater Light? It is the personal journey of each to individuate the Eternal Self and not the perpetual “good” or “bad” self. Peace already exists, it is always there, within ourselves. Where can it possibly go? If it is not manifested in our world it must be because it is unmanifested in ourselves.

Here is something shorter and lighter. Remember, always, under any chaos, under every challenge, there is infinite calm.

“Loosing love is like window to the heart/ Everybody can see you are blown apart”. Paul Simon sings wonderfully in his song Graceland about his own broken marriage, and his travels to a cultural rock and roll heavenly palace as well as journey to a greater place of Grace. Of course the irony is that love can never be lost. Or found. It is always there, waiting for us. Sometimes buried so deep we cannot conceive the journey to it, but often love is just under the surface. When it reveals its Grace it suddenly lights up any situation, an overlooked miracle hidden in plain sight.

Good luck, keep on keeping on,
be real, in yoga.
18 April 2017


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