The Bliss of Union through the Yoga of Understanding

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Yoga is a Universal system. Its primary goal is Union – of body with mind, and with the cosmos. Yoga techniques and practices re-align the sum of all aspects of being. To achieve such a state of yoga includes, but goes beyond the practice of asana, pranayma and meditation. A Yoga of Union is also a Yoga of understanding: applied, insightful knowledge leads to understanding, and by such grace, wisdom. Herein lies the fabled peace and bliss of samadhi, enlightenment.

Yoga is associated with the East, with India and its cultural identities of race, ritual and religion. Its ancient Vedic roots are often misperceived as mere Hinduism, while its deeper message is a universal truth. Yoga’s non-duality philosophy, a science of Universal Life Force and intelligent creation, is a fascinating quantum metaphysics, where the universe, and everything in it, is interconnected. Such yoga asks us to understand life from beyond the limitation of the popular image of yoga, orthodox science, religious beliefs systems.

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The concept of East and West and its embedded realities are but one example of the multiple duality fragments and aspects of non-duality truth. In Yoga, creation and Creator is “All That Is”, a living system of consciousness. The differences become apparent in the kind of yoga where the human bodymind is the device and temple of the practices of conscious awareness, which includes the yin-yang of duality, also on a Creator-Creation level.

Shiva, the Hindu God, may then be an aspect of “God”, more importantly a masculine aspect balanced by Shakti, a nurturing feminine power. Such a Shiva-Shakti is symbolic and functional beyond religion, with Shiva the destroyer of ignorance, and regenerator of the understanding that holism overcomes the illusions of duality. Shakti is the creative energy or Spirit that births and forms Creation.

Knowledge and understanding of the creative dualities that work in pairs – as example the masculine-feminine aspects are represented as the Ida and Pingala of the yogic Sushumna Nadi, the central channel of Life Force Prana, the spine, in the bodymind.

Knowledge, and understanding of the wisdom of non-duality helps the seeker of bliss to penetrate beyond the layers of superficiality illusions. The adept yogi practice on both levels, a duality within a non-duality. Applied to meditation practice the adept finds quickened wisdom of consciousness.

This throws much light on the practice of Yoga as Union, a holistic duality. This whole, with its ebb and flow tides of balance of dualities, is beautifully illustrated by the yin-yang representation of nature and existence.

This yoga of understanding asks us to learn from life itself, beyond religion, ritual, and intellectual knowledge. We study and we do yoga, using logic, experience and enquiry. To connect with the non-dual bliss of the whole, the spark of Divinity, we have to go within, reach out for Divine guidance, and surrender to it.

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