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In certain spiritual traditions there are five Trees of Life that loosely corresponds to the five sheaths or koshas (energy bodies) of yoga. These “trees” form a layered part of an energetic eco system, ranging from the physical to the subtle bodies, including the bliss body, the culmination of the Five Trees, or the Zoar Body of Light. 

Our current time period is often dominated by talk of global disharmony, disruption, destruction and disease. There also is a lot of constructive conversation and doing; conservation and enquiry into healthier ways of living. Key to the whole process is personal healing. Starting at home is always the place to begin. Heal your body, to heal our earth. And it is a shared journey. Connection to the parts, and the parts to another, and the sum of the parts, as a process of personal and collective enlightenment.

Yoga helps activate awareness of the parts, and whole awareness, or (w)holistic consciousness. Without such awareness there can be no understanding of, or ability “to make whole” – heal. Those aware of the importance of healing understands the importance of being a personal beacon of and flag bearer of Life, to be conscious custodians of our bodies, and of Earth.  

Spirit is calling us

The words and melody for Trees for Life came from a deep place from where I sensed the world needed to be filled with spiritual connection to nature, and personally with one’s inner nature. The planting of trees, and a spiritual embodiment of between ecology and life. Just after the turn of the century, co-producing and executive producing a range Stellenbosch artists for the record company I founded in the 1990’s, this “message song” opportunity came about with Abaqondise Brothers, a traditional singing group. l felt they could do well with material that provided crossover appeal that also fuelled an arbor day and educational and publicity opportunity.

The concept and song itself was inspired by Paul Simon and his wonderful recordings with Ladysmith Black Mambazo. But for me it was the cause and vision of making a difference, and in doing so bridging cultural gaps, that gave the project life.

Spirit called me back then to do this work, personally and collectively, and it called me recently to revisit and share this song, previously digitally unavailable.

If there is one thing I have learned in this life then it is to listen when spirit calls.
6 September 2017.

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