Vajra. Indestructible Thunderbolt.

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“Vajra” convey images of strength, indestructibility and force. The word of may be translated as both “thunderbolt” and “diamond”, traced back to its origins as a ritualistic object that had both the indestructible nature of a diamond, and the irresistible force of a thunderbolt.

Meditation, Mantra & Yoga

This concept has several applications in yoga, Buddhism and Jainism, and may therefore be found in practices from asana to meditation and mantra. In a sense “vajra” is the cutting edge of the arrow or sword of consciousness required to pierce the veils of ignorance. It is a tool reveal the illusions of ordinary reality, and to focus clear vision of an unlimted holographic reality with. Hatha Yoga typically combines asana, sound and meditation. Vajra practices, effectively implemented, are immensely powerful for earnest seekers of the higher levels of yoga.

kneeling posekneeling pose instructionVajrasana is a kneeling pose. It is also a style of yoga that encourages a slower and more meditative approach to yogic practice. It’s focus is on deeply meditative breathing to engage in embodied mindfulness, to become more deeply rooted in the present moment, and discover physical spirituality without physical exertions.

A 15 minute practice

This is a fairly advanced practice as described, but may be practiced similarly with a basic skill level.

Do any 5 minutes of your best personal physical yoga practice that blends vigorous asana and pranamaya. For the next 5 minutes sit in a cross legged or lotus, using any mudra, in deep bodymind breath awareness meditation. Connect to your will to shape your conscious bodymind to cut through the illusions of limited reality with a one pointed mind, multi faceted like a diamond, with the irresistible force of a thunderbolt. Visualise a sharp, bright light. Then surrender to your holographic wholeness of being – visualise a state of supernature consciousness. Change to vajrasana and listen to the Vajra Mantra “Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum” I recorded with Chris Tokalon.

Thank you Chris for this Vajra Blessing
– R.I.P. and may your beautiful soul chant on eternally.
Johann, in Music & Yoga,
29 September 2017.

Below is a very different Vajra inspired sattvic track I composed for a Ambient Hypnosis album:

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