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There is, within us, a limitless capacity for peace, love and light. Nurturing a conscious inner connection to the Infinite Eternal Self, while we exist in the dualistic world, is a source of comfort, and a means to transcend of ordinary, local reality. When we don’t live from such a centre essence we rely on control and self will to regulate our lives. Because life itself is far bigger than us, sooner or later, we are cut to size. Chaos, confusion, despair and upheaval, when our inner and outer worlds fall apart may lead to despair and fear, leaving one feeling trapped and alone.

A Dark Night of the Soul

One may feel shut off from love and light, isolated, dead, limited. A severe and scary experience. When we are fortunate to pull through hope and life returns. We may gain invaluable insights about life. Lessons and learning are ongoing, the dark nights appear and reappear, at different intensities and intervals, as we grow and evolve.

When in crises it is useful to

● not mistake the tunnel for reality
● not expect the infinite light in all aspects of ordinary reality
accept that thrive or survive, sink or swim, sooner or later one has to surrender to Divine Will
● develop a mindset to gain the wisdom that the soul self is infinite

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One may rediscover one’s divine essence, having seen through the limitations of the materialistic world. A process of integration is required to, paradoxically, be functional in the material world. We are limitless beings in a limited realm, “spirit in body”, and it’s not wise to deny or escape this world. Rather learn to be in the world, not of the world. The lesson is perhaps to better relate to suffering, live with greater compassion and kindness, and embody such spiritual teachings, with gratitude of the pleasures of life.

Yoga practice assistance

Mindful yoga, breathing and meditation helps establish an inner knowing of one’s divine essence. Study of metaphysics and spiritual teachings further establish this doorway to the inner consciousness universe. Practice or prayer, there is guidance and nourishment in the infinite, limitless love and light of the soul’s connection to God Consciousness. Knowing the Source of All that Is, reveals why Prana (all Life Force) of creation, is the basis of the yogic way.

Infinite Way 2

Music helps us explore our inner world and find inner peace. Meditation and breathing is the cornerstone of yoga. Heartfelt prayer has been an aspect of spiritual practice through all ages.

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19 May 2015

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