Seaside Yoga Healing Retreats Cape Town

Visit fabulous Cape Town on your own personalised seaside yoga and therapy retreat. Stay in a self catering bungalow (airbnb independently operated, in our seaside apartment complex, subject to availability) near Surfers Corner opposite Muizenberg Beach. Treatments and yoga classes with experienced practitioners.

● Choose your retreat period
 Attend a daily yoga class (at our studio, add a 2nd class at one of the 2 studios in the village, 5 minutes walk away)
● Schedule individual yoga lessons
● Cranio-sacral therapy
● Coaching
or Shiatsu options
● Add-on adventure and holidays options: choose surfing, hiking, wine tasting tours, and much more
● Relax
and hang out at the numerous seaside cafes and restaurants in the immediate vincitity
● Walk to nearby harbour town or in the mountains
Located in the center between popular Cape Town V&A Waterfront and Cape Point!

Super Value Packages

Costs are locally priced.

Yoga classes:
ZAR 80 per class / ZAR 350 for 5 / ZAR 650 for 10
Individual Yoga Class with Johann Kotze
ZAR 410 per hour
Cranio-sacral therapy with Sandra Smit – Why yoga and crania-sacral therapy goes so well together (Also a practicing homeopath)
ZAR 550 per 80 minute session
Coaching with Russel Brownlee
ZAR 550

Below information to be updated (24 April 2018)

Suggested 3 Day Package for 1 person

3 x Nights accommodation
3 x Yoga classes
1 x Individual Yoga 
1 x Cranio-sacral therapy
1 x Coaching
ZAR 3 500

Suggested 5 Day Package for 1 person 

5 x Nights accommodation
5 x Yoga classes
1 x Individual Yoga
2 x Cranio-sacral therapy
1 x Coaching
ZAR 4 500

Accommodation /The bungalow

The bungalow has two bedrooms en suite, kitchen, dining room and lounge with enclosed outside area.
It is ideal for a couple, 2- 4 friends, or family of 3 or 4, or a single person. You may have to share the living space with another person or maximum 2 persons.

Facebook: Beach Cottage Muizenberg

Per Night 1 person   = 500 ZAR
Per Night 2 persons = 600 ZAR
Per Night 3 persons = 800 ZAR

Per Night 4 persons = 1000 ZAR

Book Now Yoga Cape Town Please contact us for more information or with any enquiries and let me know your dates.
We will check with if the accommodation is available and ask you to make your accomodation booking after reporting back to you.

Yoga Healing Retreat, Cape Town, South Africa

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Why this is fabulous offer

Visit Cape Town for a personalised seaside yoga and therapy retreat
● Join any of the regular once or twice daily classes
 Choose individual attention and consultations
One-on-one yoga sessions from experienced teacher Johann Kotze
Cranio-sacral treatments with skilled therapist Dr Sandra Smit, also a registered, practicing homeopath
● Live right across a miles long golden beach
● Live around the corner from surf rentals, fun cafes and restaurants
Walks to scenic Kalk Bay harbour and tidal pools
45 minute train ride from Cape Town City central station
30 minutes per car from Table Mountain, V&A Waterfront and Cape Point

Your host Johann is a always excited to share his love of and passion for the local coastline, and its surround culture, for a stay of a lifetime. Your yoga teacher Johann has a passion for the ocean, mountains and cultural heritage and loves to share it!

● Receive individual attention (4- 6 persons) and consultations, including 2 one-on-one yoga sessions and 2 cranio-sacral treatments from experienced teacher Johann Kotze and skilled therapist Dr Sandra Smit. You will live in a bungalow at their center at Muizenberg Beach, Cape Town.

Practice the basics of yoga, and develop more advanced yoga skills.

● Enjoy nourishing stress release treatments, holiday rest, great food and fun activities in the vicinity of the laid back, seaside village and its beautiful natural surrounds. Rejuvenate, and awaken fresh inspiration to find and define a greater vision to realise your life goals.

Book Now Yoga Cape Town

Please contact us for more information or with any enquiries.

Seaside Yoga Healing Retreats, Cape Town

The healing yoga and therapy programme

Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Yoga (the one-on-one’s and our classes) focus on healthy spine and systemic vitality for greater well-being. The two modalities form a superb combination to release and process the impact of stressful living and trauma, and unlock the body’s natural healing intelligence. Why Yoga and Cranio-Sacral Therapy goes so well together.

Johann’s classes are comprehensive and easy to implement to evolve your well-being to a next level. A culture of lifestyle fun, and accepting self-repsonsibility for one’s health is encouraged. You will learn how use basic Essentials of Yoga on a vision quest for greater health, including meditation and mindfulness to develop wisdom, and consciousness, to integrate what you practice at the retreat into your day-to-day living back home. 

All levels – beginner and experienced – are welcome. We customise the practice levels to serve the best interests and requirements of the attendees, according to individual and group ability, after initial personal evaluations and interviews.

Free time is for resting, own exploration of the immediate area, surfing, swimming or hanging out at a seaside cafe or restaurant. You are welcome to attend the regular yoga classes at the center and Johann’s nearby sea-view studio at no additional charge.


We work out your sessions in the most flexible possible manner, starting with arrival, settle in and time for orientation and introductions.

Book Now Yoga Cape Town

Please contact us for more information or with any enquiries.

Seaside Yoga Healing Retreats, Cape Town, South Africa

1-on-1 Instruction /Personal yoga evaluation

An evaluation of each individual’s ability, intentions and expectations helps a lot with assisting each course participant to make the best of the retreat opportunities.

Personal training session, at the beginning and end of the week helps maximise each participant’s individual opportunities to aquire performance skills or increased the remedial (yoga therapy) value of the retreat. Personal attention from an experienced professional trainer is a vital component in the pursuit of health and excellence.


Physical bodywork and energy, meridian based treatments are necessary for the resolving of lifestyle stress and life trauma, large or small. It is also an important to support the body’s self-maintenance mechanisms with hearings arts practices.

Your instructors

Johann Kotze is a yoga teacher, musician and soul surfer. He has practiced, studied and shared yoga since 1990. He published a book Five Keys to Well-being in 2006, working on an  Ebook version Essentials of Effective Yoga. Johann’s teaching is all about fostering a strong, intuitive understanding of holistic yoga and health. His practical, easy going style is equally accessible for beginners as it is useful for advanced practitioners. Check out his personal take on all this in his “Thrive naturally- get into the Zone” (Free pdf coming soon). Johann studied Sivananda yoga and therapy boasts varied eclectic and straight-down-the-line influences.

Sandra Smit is a Cranio-Sacral therapist and homoeopath and has a passion for helping clients find their bodies natural healing ability through the release of energetic blockages. She holds a Bachelors Degree (1992) from Randse Afrikaanse Universiteit, majoring in Psychology and Philosophy, followed with a 6 year course in Homeopathy at the University of Witswatersrand, Johannesburg. She studied Cranio-Sacral Therapy in Ireland 2001-2004 while managing a health shop, which led to a similar career back in South Africa, practicing in pharmacies and health stores before starting her own practice. She lectures part-time in anatomy and physiology at The International Academy of Reflexology & Meridian Therapy, College of Natural Health and Craniosacral Therapy Association.

Coaching with Russel Brownlee who has a passion for creativity and writing. His quest for artistic inspiration has developed over the years into a deep concern with the working of consciousness and spirit – with inspiration in its broadest sense. “My work is centered on creating the shifts of consciousness required to access the deeper levels of our being where all healing and creativity reside. These empowered levels of being are also where we gain the inspiration and strength to work more effectively and to become leaders and motivators of others. Self-actualization – the drive to go beyond simply having more and getting more to living a full, conscious and emotionally rewarding life.

Surf coach on request

Grant Byram is a surf instructor with a knack for upbeat, supportive teaching of beginners, and he can surf with the best. Grant was a surfshop and surfboard factory owner in the 80 ‘s for some 8 years, surfed for Western Province in short and longboard divisions many times, was SA Longboard Champion at Seal Point in 1989, and nominated Best overall Surfer of that contest. He developed his surf coaching methods over the last 28 years, for beginners, and experienced surfers – he promises  he is most likely to get anyone, who is fairly fit, to stand in first lesson. Grant knows the East Coast surf spots, tides and wind conditions after 49 years years of East Coast trips. “Safety first, always my motto when entering the Ocean. Never go in if you feel its too powerful or big for your fitness level.”

Surfing at Muizenberg beach

The retreat is situated on the edge of miles long golden sands of Muizenberg beach, the most popular Cape Town City surf village for recreational surfers and beginners. February to September (late summer and winter) are the best seasons for surfing this coastline, with average conditions of moderate light winds and 2-3ft high surf, perfect for learning, and excellent for longboarding. The ocean temperature is mild 16-18 C, down to a cold 11/12 degrees much of mid winter. We can arrange equipment rental and instructors for learners. Experienced surfers can free-surf, there are boards and wetsuits of all descriptions for hire.

More about the location

Muizenberg is a coastal village with a long beach, a small suburb 20-30 minutes drive from the City Centre. It has its back against the slopes of the Table Mountain belt, about halfway between the city and Cape Point. Rich in plant and animal life, it features great hiking trails, and a cool in winter, temperate Southern Atlantic ocean. Historic Kalk Bay, a quaint seaside village (see Time Magazine), is a pleasant seaside walk away, it has beach bars, coffee shops, galleries and a working fishing harbour. The retreat is an easy walking distance to the mountain and train station on the coastal-city line.


You will be living 100 meters across from the beach where the retreat is housed in an elegant 1920’s apartment villa. The studio and therapy center occupies most of the home of Johann and Sandra, has sea-views, and shares a mutual courtyard with the beach bungalow behind it. (It has a tiny bit of sea view). The beachside strip of Muizenberg’s popular coffee shops, beach bars, surf rentals and famous Surfer’s Corner is a 200 meters walk away.

● 2 person room en suite with double bed
● 2 person room en suite with 2 single beds
● Each room is joined to a small recreation area, one with a dinner table and chairs, one with a lounge and fireplace
 An additional single bed in the room adjoining the double bed room makes accommodation more flexible
● A small courtyard for relaxing and meals, weather allowing
● Additional accommodation for 2 persons at other AirBnB locations on the premises, if available, on request

Book Now Yoga Cape Town

Please contact us for more information or with any enquiries.

Seaside Yoga Healing Retreats Cape Town

What is included

Packages as described, should you request a package.

What’s not included

● Flights
Outings, meals
● Additional activities such as surfing
Travel insurance
Transfers and transportation

Check in, check out

Any time, by arrangement.


● Cape Town Airport – 35 minutes by car
Cape Town City Centre – 20 /30 minutes by car, 40 /60 minutes by train

Dressing information

Comfortable clothing, layered for varying conditions. Cape Town weather conditions average from 65F/18C to 75F/24C but it may be baking hot away from the coast, and cool in the evenings. The wind is sometimes cold. Swim gear. Beach towels. Beach sandals.

What to bring

You may get a European power plug adapter if travelling from the UK / outside Europe.

How to get here

● Book a flight to Cape Town International Airport.
Arrange your transport at the airport t
o retreat venue.

Additional information, booking and payment

Book Now Yoga Cape Town

Please contact us for more information or with any enquiries.

We charge a 50% non-refundable deposit and request full payment before or upon arrival.
Payments can be made into our PayPal account.

Accepted currencies on location

South African Rand /ZAR

If you come out all the way to Cape Town and South Africa…
stay on and make the best of your trip:

There are lots to do before (or after) the retreat:

Go surfing or SUPing or simply enjoy the beach
Go horseback riding on the beach
Visit the local craft food markets
Coastal & mountain walks to suit all levels
● W
ine-tasting tours
 Day s
afari tours
● Go up Table Mountain
● Visit the V&A Waterfront
● Drive around the peninsula
Visit the Garden Route 3 – 5 day road trip

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  1. Frances McCarthy
    May 6, 2017


    I am interested in your yoga retreat. I want to join 9 May if possible. I only have 2 weeks left in Cape town and need some yoga and meditation in my life. please let me know if you have anything available and can send me dates and details too with prices etc


    • Johann
      May 6, 2017

      Thank you, will email you.


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