7 Day 50 Hour Advanced but beginner friendly Immersion

A course for yoga teachers or practitioners to expand and focus their practice, persons in the healing arts, artists, philosophers and related fields interested in exploring human potential. The physical level of practice is moderate. All level practitioners are welcome. We will do, and discuss, a lot of yoga!

Turn on your Bliss with Yoga 

Learn from an experienced yogi how to feel great and thrive with a holistic next level yoga practice, authentically in line with its ancient, timeless wisdom. Discover and amplify your soul purpose, and how to share a practical and esoteric yogic knowledge of:

Deep understanding the Chakra System/Subtle Body
Metaphysics of energy, matter and logic, duality and non-duality
● Masculine & Feminine, Shiva & Shakti, Left & Right Sides, Ida & Pingala, Spine, Brain & Nadi
Patanjali’s Sutras for a complete yoga practice
● Incorporating Five Key Essentials of Effective Yoga – posture, breathing, mobility, stress release and mindfulness/life-style
Advanced, beginner friendly mantra, mudra, bandha and meditation abilities
Surrender to Spirit Guidance, rewire the bodymind to Overself, and operate as Universal Being

The course is informed by Johann’s training in the traditions of the Sivananda Yoga lineage, his understanding of the essentials of a simple but holistic yoga, and a wide ranging, lifelong interest in varied spiritual traditions and modern human potential self-development. More about the module.

● 7 Day 50 Hour Course with focus on one topic per day
● Single day(s) attendance possible but not recommended

Venue: Johann Kotze Music & Yoga Studio at Muizenberg Beach, a coastal village on the edge of Cape Town city.

● 9 – 16 September 2018
Cost: R 4 200
R 5 000 includes a smoothy/juice, nuts, fruits and lunch
R 700 per day
R 820 per day includes a smoothy/juice, nuts, fruits and lunch
Add R 700 – daily smoothy or juice, fruits, nuts and hearty, healthy vegetarian lunch.

Accommodation: A huge variety of Airbnb, guest houses and accommodation options are available in the immediate vicinity of the studio.

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Advanced Yoga Teacher Course Cape Town

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