My prime motivation as a yoga teacher is to share what I love most about yoga – its mix of ingenious practicality, and evolutionary insights into holistic personal development.

While information is readily available, experience is only gained from experience. Blessed to receive extensive teachers training in the Sivananda lineage, and a life path with yoga since age 25, I am as excited to share the observations and applications of yoga from my own experiences now after nearly 30 years as when I just started teaching.

Going deeper, to sit with yoga, requires time

It is one thing to teach or attend a yoga class, quite another to learn or convey the scope of a system thousands of years old. Even 200 hour teacher training is not well suited to explore the depth yoga operates from. Especially yoga as a bridge between the material and energetic realms, is best understood, and felt, mindfully, conceptually, and experientially. The ability to relate its full extent, especially the subtle nuances, goes way beyond the benefits and instruction of the asana, and knowing a list of chakra names.

As important as the ability to “commercialise yoga” is, as important is the ability to connect the individual soul of the practitioner or teacher with the exercise, “real life” ordinary reality and esoteric dimensions. It is my deep appreciation of the yoga synergy of the mystical and practical, with its body of wisdom so immensely useful for any explorer of human potential that I am most interested in sharing.

This is the kind of yoga I think of as authentic yoga, based in a universal understanding of Self, because, the way I understand it, this is the place to find one’s place in the world, and the universe. Vital if you are a yoga teacher, teacher of yoga teachers, a prospective yoga teacher or interested in your BodyMind Soul human potential.

● Turn on your Bliss with Yoga
7 Day Intensive, Cape Town, South Africa

● Turn on your Bliss with Yoga
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Intensives for an inspired, deep understanding of yoga
– A yoga of understanding

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