My classes are easy-to-do and effective, so beginners are welcome and there are plenty advanced but simple practices for conscious way of being, in body and mind. Yoga helps establish practical, life affirming everyday awareness for greater well-being. A sea-view is a bonus for me and students 🙂

●  24 Beach Road, Muizenberg Class times & fees
Beginner and experienced practitioners are welcome in all classes
Studio community serves varied demographic mix of age and gender
The Soul Surfer Studio has a great fun surf-yoga vibe, with drop-in international and local Cape Town tourists

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Yoga Studio Muizenberg 24 Beach Road

More about Johann Kotze’s Yoga Style 

Yoga is arguably the most advanced system of personal development on the planet. It is my privilege and blessing to enjoy and share what I know of its significance and magnificence.

I love to help anyone willing to start with yoga begin their practice
 My focus is on the well-being of the individual, one of my special interests is healing yoga
Healing includes a personal path of self-discovery that is both spiritual and physical
I can help you get fit, strong, and healthy – but you have to do the work
● I don’t know everything about anything but have comprehensive experience
● I taught myself yoga from a book in 1990
● I have extensive Sivananda teachers and remedial training
I love where I live and what I do, and it feels great to share the positive energy

Popular Yoga Class MuizenbergI teach a gentle vinyasa flow hatha yoga style. “Hatha” and “yoga” means “union” of “all that is”, in the widest possible sense: the physical (posture, breath, mobility), therapeutic (emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual aspects), to develop understanding of the deeper teachings of yoga (pranayama, chakras, mudras, nadi, metaphysics etc.). Hatha Yoga is an integral style of yoga that also means “asana that flows with the breath”.

My book Essentials of Effective Yoga – Five Keys to Well-being focusses on a practical, holistic body-mind-spirit lifestyle. My own lifestyle approach to yoga is informed by years of experiences with both beginners and seasoned practitioners, of all ages, varied capacity, background and my own working life and creative and entrepeneural career. Refrence my blog on Do-able Yoga.

2 minute t.v. interview/yoga class with me:

Yoga builds physical strength, yet is much more than exercise. Yoga helps one become supple, yet it is more than stretching. It is a metaphysical science and not an intellectual system, developed to sharpen the mind, a spiritual philosophy that avoids religion. Meditation is at the heart yoga, part awareness, or mindfulness practice, part concentration, always in direct perception of an objective self rooted in cosmic consciousness. Yoga is a Body, Mind & Spirit system.

Yoga Classes Sea-View Cape Town MuizenbergJohann Kotze Music & Yoga Studio, Cape Town, Muizenberg

The cozy and humble space (12 student capacity) allows for individual attention. Each class is similar but different, with consideration of the level and ability of the students in attendance, mood and time of the day, and other factors that may influence the content. No two classes are exactly the same.

For me yoga has everything to do with my life journey. While I seldom do a lot of it on my own, no day goes by without at least a little practice.

Yoga inspires and informs my living, and teaching helps me to constantly develop my practice, on, and especially, off the mat. Yogic awareness in class is relatively easy, to apply and it in day-today living often less so. In this yoga there are no short cuts, yet no successes or failures either.

I closed down the longest running yoga studio in Stellenbosch in 2011 to live in a smaller village, and be near the ocean. On fair weather days or when the winds are offshore, the studio windows are open to the sea, but it is frequently cool in Muizenberg, with strong onshore and South Easter days. Then I am grateful for the warm wooden floors, and glimpses of the big blue, and I can hear or smell the sea.

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● Why I love my dream studio in the surf village of Muizenberg, a great community of individuals 
Since the end of 2015, developing a sea-view studio overlooking Surfers Corner
●  My African Soul Surfer 
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Johann Kotze Music & Yoga. Muizenberg, Cape Town

More about my yoga journey and training

I view yoga as a kind of bodywork-spirituality laboratory; where we learn and practice how to best apply the science and technique of yoga – to our lives. Yoga imparts us with so much awesome understanding of the body as energetic system based. Knowledge of the chakras and the life force, Prana, is the secret ingredient to an already heady mix of the above mentioned aspects of holistic hatha yoga.  bear in mind that “esoteric” metaphysics simply means “hidden”, not “weird”!

I am blessed to have received traditional Sivananda training from Ananda Kutir, in Cape Town. The focus was always simplicity of beginner or advanced practices, always with breath, meditation and relaxation practices present. Gentle yoga assists deep loosening and release of old bodymind and emotional patterns that doesn’t serve us. When we release such blockages many of the causes of persistent, chronic pain, injuries, illnesses and self-limiting beliefs are also released. I learned a thorough, therapeutic practice of non-acrobatic, therapeutic vinyasa flow that I am increasingly grateful of receiving.

The yogic way to optimal health and personal development is to loosen up and energise the bodymind with conscious connection to the cosmic life force, prana. This why the yoga system is based on stretches, relaxation, movement, breathing and meditation: A loose arrangement with inner focus and cosmic connection.

Most of my classes are spiced with challenging though do-able poses, to increase the exercise value and aid development of mental and physical stamina and focus. Agile strength and athletic progress improves sports performance, and assists spiritual aspiration and self-development. Advanced yogi’s or beginners benefits are derived from these combinations of physical practices and philosophical insights of yoga. The softer aspects of classes assists with deeper integration of the body wisdom, which is why I don’t indulge yoga gymnastics and thrill seekers.

My (unofficial) slogan is “Join a class and leave with a greater sense of well-being”. And I believe anyone can, with a bit of effort, do my classes and go home with an improved body, sharper mind and greater connection to inner peace.

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