With at least one yoga class and surf session or lesson daily. A rejuvenating, energising experience at the Southern tip of Africa. Rest and enjoy delicious healthy food. Learn about mindfulness and yoga philosophy, surf yoga, nutrition, and explore a healthy lifestyle in at least one workshop per package.

Our Surf Yoga Camps are an unforgettable experience! One of the world’s best learn-to-surf waves on your doorstep, excellent surf teachers, and Cape Town’s only Sea-View Yoga Studio with a top yoga expert.
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Camps begin Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Detailed schedule further below.

In your free time, before or after your African Soul Surfer stay, explore some of Cape Town’s many famous delights.

To all surfer dudes and dudettes:
enjoy our fun and insightful surf yoga promotional video to see how yoga is a no brainer counterpart to increase surfing pleasure and ability.

Retreat highlights

A Top Ten Yoga Studio in Cape Town
● An exceptional yoga and surf program with exceptional instructors
● Stunning location in a beautiful natural area of the magnificent Cape
Form an instant connection to the tight knit, interesting bunch of individuals of the local community  

Cape Town Surf Yoga Camps are held in a historical building opposite the beach of iconic Surfer’s Corner. Muizenberg is a coastal village some 30 minutes drive from Cape Town City Centre. The area is wedged in between the evergreen slopes of the Table Mountain belt, with a wide variety of plant and animal life and great hiking trails, and the temperate cool though Southern Atlantic ocean. All rooms are sea-facing. You wake-up to the sound of the ocean and the sun rising over the ocean beautiful bay. Quaint seaside villages with numerous coffee shops, small shops, restaurants and galleries are within walking distance. Regular trains run on the North-South line via our venue to V&A Waterfront and Cape Point.

Fun, fun, fun! Super foods and yoga lifestyle

Have fun, relax and explore a quest for health and wisdom through the practice of yoga, and its integration into modern living. There is a dailEasy Flow or Power Flow session,  workshops that explore surf yoga, basics of yoga, advanced yoga practices, all of which may be explored in evening talks. Our venue has a sunny kitchen and coffee bar with sea view balcony, so it it all  blends seamlessly into a unique yoga holiday or surf yoga opportunity for wanna-be surfers, beginner yogis, and an excellent opportunity for more advanced practitioners to experience high quality instruction.

All sessions are 1 hour except the 30 minute morning meditations.

2, 3 and 5 day Packages

sea-view Muizenberg yoga room

Arrivals Monday, Wednesday and Friday



● 10.30 am Easy Flow Class with Johann
● 11.30am Quick Individual Interviews after class, on request, to determine how our package can best benefit you
● 11am Brunch
● Free time to settle in and acclimatise
2 – 4 pm Surf lessons
18 – 19.30 Iyengar Yoga Class with Monique
● 8 pm Welcome & Opening Ceremony Set Intentions &
Evening Talk: A Philosophy of Understanding Self – with Johann


● 7 am Juices
8 a.m. Meditation (15 min)
● Easy Flow Class combined with Workshop: Essentials of Effective Yoga (Basics for Beginners) with Johann
● 11am Brunch
● 12 – 2 pm Surf lessons
● 18.45 – 19.30 Hatha Yoga Class with Nikita



● 7 am – 10 am Brunch
● 10 – 12 p.m. Surf lessons
● 11.30am Quick Individual Interviews before and after class, on request, to determine how our package can best benefit you
1 – 2 p.m. Yoga Class & Workshop: Elements – Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Spirit with Johann
● 12 – 4 p.m. Individual sessions & Surf or Relax time
● 18 – 19.30 p.m. Iyengar Yoga Class with Monique
● 8 pm Welcome & Opening Ceremony Set Intentions &
Evening Talk Diet & Health – with Johann


● 7 am – 9 am Juices/Super Food Brunch
10.30 – 11.45 Meditation (15 minutes) & Easy Flow Yoga Class with Johann
● 2 – 4 pm Surf lessons
● 18.45 – 19.30 Hatha Yoga Class with Nikita



● 7 – 9 a.m. Juices/Super Food Brunch
● 10 – 12 p.m. Surf lessons
● 4 – 5 p.m. Power Flow Yoga Class with Johann
●  8 pm Welcome & Opening Ceremony Set Intentions & 
     Evening Talk: Life Lessons from a Soul Surfer (download free eBook) – with Johann


8 – 10 a.m. Juices/Super Food Brunch
10.30 a.m. Power Flow Surf Yoga Class with Johann (on beach, weather permitting)
● 12 – 2 pm Surf lessons


● 8 – 10 a.m. Juices/Super Food Brunch
● 10.30 a.m. Power Flow Surf Yoga Class with Johann (on beach, weather permitting)
● 12 – 2 p.m. Surf lessons
● 6 pm Dinner at Local Restaurant
● 8 pm For your benefit your Q&A, Going back to the world,
Talk: Mindfulness Yoga in Daily Life
● Closing Ceremony


About the Yoga, Meditation & Workshops

Easy Flow
Gentle early morning yoga classes in a simple, effective vinyassa flow hatha.

Power Flow
A strong vinyassa flow hatha class for the afternoon.



Restorative, deep relaxation, deep healing yoga and nidra for opening and closing of the program.

Daily. A simple, accessible sitting every morning, in line with the retreat program.

The workshop program will lead participants through a series of aspects specific to the retreat. This will help ground your vacation in a practical, simple, extraordinary experience of the life transforming potential of yoga.

Personal Evaluation
A brief evaluation of each individual’s ability, intentions and expectations helps a lot with assisting each course participant to make the best of the retreat opportunities.

1 on 1 Instruction
Personal training, to maximise each participant’s individual opportunities for increased performance skills or remedial (yoga therapy) from the retreat. Attention to such detail is a vital component in the pursuit of health and excellence.

Evening Satsang (Talks & Discourse)
Seeking wisdom through Satsang is as much at the heart of yoga as asana practice, pranayama and meditation. A themed series of evening talks to guide participants to reach a clear, open ended, undogmatic understanding of how the yogic philosophy of “understanding self” leads to richer, healthier, more life affirming living.
Your instructor & guide

Johann Kotze is a yoga teacher, musician and soul surfer (download his free eBook 10 Life Lessons from a Soul Surfer). He has practiced, studied and shared yoga since 1990. His book Essentials of Effective Yoga is all about the importance of a strong basic understanding of holistic yoga. It forms the basis of a practical, easy going style that is equally accessible for beginners as it is useful for advanced practitioners. Johann is a qualified Sivananda instructor with a varied range of eclectic and straight-down-the-line influences, with healing as a prime component.

Jamie Nye Is the retreat founder and a life-long surfer with a passion for yoga. He has, and continues to travel the world extensively with an inquisitive eye and open mind. Whilst home in his beloved Cape Town he enjoys nothing more than sharing the joy of a life filled with surfing, yoga and nature.

Mandla Ndlovu is head Surf Coach and highly regarded for his upbeat style and permanent good mood. Whilst being a qualified Level 3 ISA Surf Instructor, he is also a professional Judge on the local Pro Surfing Circuit, so knows a thing or two about good surfing!


The miles long golden sands of Muizenberg beach is known to be one of the best beaches in the entire world to learn to surf. Its gradual curve of the ocean floor forms gentle peaks that roll in for from up to 300m, allowing maximum time to surf the wave face. It is free of rocks and has no dangerous rip currents. April to September is the best season for surfing this coastline, with average conditions of moderate light winds and 2-3ft high surf, perfect for learning, and excellent for longboarding for those with experience in this style. The water temperature is mild, ranging from 60-65 F (12-18 C). We provide all equipment and qualified instructors to give a daily 1.5 hour lesson. Experienced surfers can rent our equipment to free-surf.

We can take you on a half-day surf trip to the other side of the Cape Peninsula (Cape Town peninsula feature two awesome coastlines!) to experience a different beach and surf scene on request.

2, 3 and 5 day Packages

Book Now Yoga Cape Town

Please book your Sea-View Yoga and Surf Retreat directly with African Soul Surfer

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