A holistic yoga based therapeutic session combines simple remedial yoga practices, therapeutic bodywork and mindful self awareness. No prior yoga experience is required.

Remedial Yoga is always gentle, and may be understood as a physiotherapeutic technique that assists client with physical, mental and emotional healing support. We utilise accessible breath, movement and awareness practices as basis for individualised treatment of chronic or acute conditions. A session of an hour helps a client better understand how a mindful bodywork practice may assist their rehabilitation and recovery from injuries or illness.

Therapeutic yoga is especially effective to regain whole body mobility for functional improvement of all physiological systems. This helps release systemic body stress conditions, and offers support for relief from, for example, back ache, anxiety and lifestyle related conditions. Most frequently encountered ailments are caused by physical-mental-emotional imbalances that respond well to mindfully explained, and applied, holistic application of movement, breath and relaxation.

Please note yoga therapy is a complimentary health practice, and I am not a medical practitioner, and do not diagnose conditions, or prescribe medication.

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I am available for call-out/home visits should a person not be able to visit my studio.

It is also possible to do an online consultation, under optimal technological conditions i.e. high quality, audio, visual and connectivity conditions.

Please contact me via the Whatsapp button onscreen.

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Sound Therapy – Vibrational Medicine

A private yoga therapy may be well supported with a Sound Healing Activation, as vibrational medicine.

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An overview from recent clients.

“I have had many experiences of yoga teaching over the past 40 years, and am thrilled to have Johann as my yoga teacher. Each class is of benefit and inspiration. I have experienced Johann’s individual healing yoga therapy sessions as being unique, gentle and honouring where my physical body, emotional and spiritual states are. I recommend Johann to my clients who are struggling psychologically and or physically”.
– Shona, Psychiatric Occupational Therapist ( I also incorporate his teachings into my own professional practice).

“My neck injury healed and hasn’t returned: Thank you Johann for your amazing and healing yoga therapy treatment. My neck which would often lock up and I would feel fatigued and sore, not being able to turn my neck to the side at all and be so tight and in so much pain. After a 45 minute yoga therapy session with Johann my neck has been healed and the issue has not returned”. Candace Kentridge-Britton, USA. 

“Double jointed and over extended: Thank you Johann for your healing yoga teaching that assisted me with long time hip pain and discomfort. I was born double jointed and my knees naturally over extend, as a result my hips can be too flexible and would often lock up. Since training with Johann, with small corrections and adjustments in both gentle yoga classes and private yoga therapy sessions I have not had pain in my hip. I highly recommend Johanns teachings and therapy sessions”. Candace Kentridge-Britton, USA.

“When Johann Kotze suggested that he could perform remedial yoga to help me recover from my stroke in a more holistic fashion, I embarked on a very enlightening experience to witness him unblock, channel and re-direct energy throughout my body to the right areas and encouraging healing wherever required. Progress has been very noticeable for which I thank him most sincerely. I can highly recommend him to anyone wishing to improve health and mobility in their life”. Nicole Brand, Cape Town.

“Johann is an intuitive, a caring and a wise teacher. A yogi that has truly mastered his craft and the art of teaching yoga. He is attentive and knows how to achieve lasting results from a yoga practice communicated clearly and effectively. Learning yoga from Johann has revealed me to myself, which has empowered my mind, body and soul. As a yoga studio owner, Johann’s teacher training course has given all the tools and resources I need to teach yoga to others. I am forever grateful to have Johann as my yoga teacher.” Dina Ridha, California.

“So grateful for your teachings and classes. I forced myself to sign up at the darkest time of my entire life and it has been my absolute saving grace. When the dark night comes it is usually an opportunity for the soul. Assistance comes as natural as sunrise. Yoga yay! So thank you. Pure gratitude”. Meg Van Schaik, South Africa.

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