My music studio is located right inside the yoga studio. The combination is favourable for a live yoga+meditation class experience with consciousness music, mantra and sound journeys.

Live Yoga Class Music Meditation Cape TownMost of my music of the past decade has been ambient/electronic and chill-out, and combines well with mantra singing, and yoga sounds like gongs and singing bowls. Other live instruments and DJ collaboration, expands the package, which with additional ambient visuals/lightning also works for larger out- or indoor festivals space. See my workshop & events page for dates.Cape Town Live Yoga Music Meditation

Yoga Music Mantra Festival Cape Town

NADA Yoga – Sound Consciousness. Yoga pranayama, meditation and Nadi with chanting, keyboards, guitar and singing bowls – regularly in the studio. Special events with guest artists, and expandable to larger venues. Currently these are Wednesday evenings 6.30 – 7.30, please see my workshop & events for details.

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Go deeper, and heal: The Indian bansuri flute played by Chris Tokolon on “Ancient Temple” helps balance doshas and dhatus, an Ayurvedic concept, to assist healing from various diseases of psycho-somatic origin. It is a principle of vibration and resonance. With this track Vata is pacified. Yoga and Ayurveda helps develop Sattva, or consciousness:

Kapha may also be stimulated to help raise Vata and Sattva. Try this upbeat (stream on SoundCloud): Om Namah Shivaya mantra.

Deep and grounding ambient tones heavily applied support pulsating bell sounds on this spiritual ambient composition for relaxation:

Stream my Playlists: Full 1 Hour  Power Flow/Ashtanga/Chill-out/Nidra Sets as on my Soundcloud and Youtube channels. Yoga Music Live Cape Town

Read about my consciousness music and find playlists to stream for yoga, meditationtherapy and creativity.

To enquire about live performance contact me or look at my workshop & events.

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