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Five Keys to Well-being is the basis for Johann’s Yoga Training, classes and yoga therapy. His unique method is Essential for an Effective Yoga Practice. It promotes doable, practical and effective yoga and clarifies the underlying principles of sound yoga practice for beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners and teachers. Bodywork therapists and sports performance facilitators, athletes and people sitting at desk jobs will all benefit from the understanding of good postureeffective breathing and effortless mobility presented in the Five Keys.

Yoga is a comprehensive and balanced body-mind-spirit practice, so vast in scope that it is arguably the most advanced and powerful system of well-being on the planet. The Five Keys to Well-being incorporates mindfulness-based meditation and yoga techniques that energise and focus the body and mind, while simultaneously assisting with stress release. The Five Keys include simple exercises to increase mobility through flexibility and strength, and facilitate the development of an integrated body-mind-spirit lifestyle.

Easy to learn techniques, simple to incorporate into any lifestyle.
 The Five Keys will help you improve the way you look, feel and think.

 1 Posture
2 Breathing
● 3 Mobility
● 4 Stress release
● 5 Body, mind and spirit 

The Five Keys to Well-being is available as:

● a 168-page book in a convenient CD-size format, with a 70-minute audio-instruction CD
● an eBook with highlights from the book, and weblinks to the audio instruction CD as mp3 on soundcloud.

The Five Keys are suitable for anyone interested in holistic well-being. Fit or unfit, young or old, healthy or not so healthy, everyone can benefit from these basic yoga practices. Please note that these body-mind-spirit practices have no religious or dogmatic bias.

Greater and more sustainable productivity and fulfilment, at work and play, will flow naturally from regular practice of all Five Keys.

Read the Introduction to the Five Keys to Well-being

2 Reviews: praise for the first print of the Five Keys

Easily absorbed, simply put together, clearly explained. Excellent.

Chris Erasmus, editor, Odyssey Magazine

Whether you are a beginner or advanced advanced yoga teacher, this book is a must!
Daleen Totten, editor The Journal of Natural Medicine

Copyright and sharing

The philosophy of Five Keys is not exclusive and is based on universal knowledge. Knowledge is free and cannot be bought or sold. You are welcome to share the information in this e-book with anyone and everyone who is interested! Please do so without infringing my intellectual copyright as used in this publication. Contact Johann for use of any part of the text.

© Johann Kotze 2015, all rights reserved.

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  1. Mary
    November 11, 2015

    Thank you so much for this book! I have done yoga on and off for quite a few years, but it was only when I read the Five Keys to Well-Being and listened to the podcasts that I understood that yoga is about so much more than suppleness or relaxation. Following these easy yet mind-blowingly wonderful practices has made me feel healthier (fewer aches and pains), fitter, stronger and more confident. I feel empowered to nourish and nurture all the underlying systems in my body – muscles, lymph, blood, bones, heart, lungs, etc. and to give my body what it needs to be well. And this wellness helps to feed my spirit, and keep me open to what is. I can’t recommend the Five Keys highly enough.


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