Yoga Workshops, Yoga Music and events with Johann Kotze Music & Yoga Studio, Muizenberg, Cape Town. The venue is cosy, comfortable and serene, light and airy, with glimpses of the ocean. Special events include yoga music, sound journeys, beach yoga, full moon meditation, sunrise yoga, and mountain hikes. Follow my Facebook Page or Instagram for updates, or please contact me with your enquiries. Whatsapp gets to me quickest. 


ॐ INNER SPACE! A doorway to your Mind!
A collaboration between the magic of the Sacred Plant Medicine of the Psilocybin Mushroom with two top facilitators, Nathan Raaths & Yann “The Naked Frog” and the power of Sound with Live music from Johann Kotze. Join us on the last frontier…
Friday 07th June
18:00 to 07:00
@The Lilypad
102, on Kommetjie Road, Fish Hoek.
Ticket cost R 2400 / pers. Only 12 spots available.
Info & Bookings with Nathan on WhatsApp 082866 6457

ॐ Holy Fire of Love 
1 June 3-6 PM Introduction @johannkotzemusic&yoga studio Muizenberg
15 June 4 PM – 16 June 3 PM Overnight camp venue to be announced
29 June 4 PM – 30 June 3 PM Overnight camp venue to be announced


ॐ Immersive Yoga & Mantra
Saturday 24 February 10 AM – 1 PM
@The Space Between Plettenberg Bay 
R 350


ॐ Immersive Yoga & Mantra
@ Summer Solstice Festival @ Well-being Sanctuary, Sedgefield

Festival duration 15- 22 December 
Facebook Page Event 

ॐ Immersive Yoga & Mantra 
@ Shanti Fest River Club, Hout Bay
9 December (One day fest, I am on 2.30)

ॐ Immersive Yoga & Mantra
29 October 10 AM – 1 PM
A timeless practice that brings balance to our personal world. Music born of yoga, yoga born of breath and movement. Activate the BodyMind as a Device of Universal Conscious with gentle restorative yoga and sound and mantra meditation.  For this session I am adding a few (do-able) invigorating practices also. There is a break for tea. 
@ my studio – by donation. 

ॐ Conscious Circle 
October – November 11.30 AM – 1.30 TWICE MONTHLY 
R 300
Sacred Ceremony Circle with practices hosted by Nathan Raaths and Johann Kotze.  @johannkotzemusicandyoga, Muizenberg.
Facebook Event for more info and dates.

ॐ Conscious Circle – Voice Activation
1 October 11.30 AM – 1.30 PM
R 300
Sacred Ceremony Circle with practices hosted by Nathan Raaths and Johann Kotze.  @johannkotzemusicandyoga, Muizenberg.

Yoga & Mantra to Activate Relaxed & Conscious Being
Sunday 27 August, 10 AM – 1 PM
A timeless practice that brings balance to our personal world. Music born of yoga, yoga born of breath and movement. Activate the BodyMind as a Device of Universal Conscious with gentle restorative yoga and sound and mantra meditation. There will be break for tea. 
@ my studio – by donation. 

ॐ Soundjourney & Mantra with Janet & Johann
8/8 Lions Gate Special Event
Tuesday 8 August
– Light & Music Ceremony at Sacred Sites
– Tune into 5D Gaia and Co-Create New Earth
Facebook Event


Yoga & Mantra to Activate Relaxed & Conscious Being
Sunday 6 August, 10 AM – 1 PM
A timeless practice that brings balance to our personal world. Music born of yoga, yoga born of breath and movement. Activate the BodyMind as a Device of Universal Conscious with gentle restorative yoga and sound and mantra meditation. There will be break for tea. 
@ my studio – by donation. 

Yoga & Mantra
Sunday 30 July, 4 PM – 5.30 PM
OM Mani Padme Hum & Theosophy
@ Cape Town Theosophy Lodge, 1 Ajax Way, Pinelands

Yoga & Mantra
Sunday 2 July, 10 AM – 1 PM
A timeless practice that brings balance to our personal world. Music born of yoga, yoga born of breath and movement. Activate the BodyMind as a Device of Universal Conscious with gentle restorative yoga and sound and mantra meditation. There will be break for tea. 
By donation. 

  Sound & Yoga Healing Afternoon
Constantia Yoga Sanctuary, Constantia.
Sunday 7 May, 3 – 6 PM

A holistic yoga and well-being event with traditional roots.
Janet Farquharson, Johann Kotze and Candace Kentridge-Britton are the facilitators.

Puja, chant, sage, sharing circle, yoga nidra, and sound journey and mantra.

R350 pp – booking essential 
Buy in my shop

Yoga, chant and mantra with me & Susie Roy

Sunday 30th 9.30 – 12.30

In the lovely, peaceful aura of PeLoHa.
9.30 to 10.30 yoga & mantra

Tea break and light snacks
11.00 to 12 chanting
12.30 Satsang and meditation

By donation.

March Equinox Sunrise on Muizenberg Mountain 
Tuesday 21 March
We walk up from Shark spotters on Boyes Drive, to observe the sunrise from the Muizenberg peak dolomite. Please meet at 6.10 AM (park your car at Shark spotters). 

Chants & Invocations of Ancient Wisdom of Love & Light
Friday 17 March, 7 PM
R 100, in the studio.
We explore mantra and sound techniques, in the universal metaphysical yoga philosophy for high frequency bodymind consciousness. 

Sacred Mantra, Sacred Earth with Janet
Sunday 11 March, 4-6 PM. 
@ Mountain Sacred Site, to be announced.
Limited to 7 particpants – shop here 

Sacred Mantra, Sacred Earth with Janet
Sunday 18 February, 4-6 PM. 
@ Mountain Sacred Site, above Glenncairn
in cave under pyramid eye rock.

Limited to 7 particpants – shop here  SOLD OUT

Sacred Mantra & Sound Journey with Janet
@ Shanti Wellness Festival
Saturday 18 February, 12 noon.

Shanti Facebook Event
Tickets  Quicket

Mani Mantra at Cape Town Theosophy Lodge
4 February 4 – 5.30 PM
Thoughts, discussion and practice.
Co-presented with Dewald Bester, president 
@ Theosophy Lodge, Pinelands.


ॐ Solstice Sunrise Beach Yoga 
Muizenberg Beach, 21 December 5.30 – 6.30 PM 
R 50

ॐ Theosophy & The Gayatri Mantra
11 December 4 PM 
I am sharing my thoughts and practice on this chant, in a theosophical context, and beginner friendly. 
@ Theosophy Lodge, Pinelands

ॐ Mantra Sound Journey with Janet
10 December 5 – 7 PM
@ Sanctuary, Constantia
108 chant versions of Om Mani Padme Hum, and elements of sound healing and sound journey. Indoors and a fire puja.
R 150 includes soup.

ॐ Shanti Fest Sunday
 with Janet
Info and tickets 
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 2, 3 & 4 December 
We are doing our Sacred Mantra Journey the Sunday AM.

ॐ  Sacred Sound Journey

Sunday, November 6th, 10:30 AM
@ Yoga BarreStellenbosch, Andringa Street 

Sacred Mantra Journey (Sound Immersion)
Saturday 22 October, 3-4 PM
@ Johann Kotze Studio, Muizenberg

An intimate sound immersion experience with Janet Farquharson and Sound Guru & Yoga Master Johann Kotze. Limited to 5 people only – each participant has headphones to be fully submerged in a deep journey of voice harmonies & sacred mantras, and soothing instrumental sounds and vibrations. A deeply relaxing, sacred and healing experience.
R250 pp – booking essential.
Facebook Event

Sacred Mantra Sunrise
Sunday 16 October, 6 – 8 AM
@ Dalebrook Pool Beach (towards Brass Bell)
Sun rises approximately 6.05. Join in at any time. 
I plan to do regular pop headset events from now on, but my capacity for that is limited to 6 headsets.
Listen on a headphone R 50 introduction special this time.

ॐ @Shanti Spring Wellness Festival
Saturday 8 October

My sound journey healing music session 1.15  PM.
Exact time to be announced. 

Shanti Facebook Event
Tickets through Quicket:

Early Birds: R240
Shanti: R260
Full Day at the Gate: R320

Metaphysical Sound Healing

Sunday 2 October, 4 – 5.30 PM
Theosophy Lodge, Pinelands

Understanding, in practical exploration, how sound has an influence on the BodyMind. With Tibetan singing bowl, vocalised vowel sounds, overtone chanting, electronica, guitar and mantra by Johann Kotze, Sound Guru & Yoga Master.

ॐ Mantra Chant & Healing Sound 

2 Saturdays, 24 September and 1 October, after 9 – 10 yoga class
10.10 – 11.11 AM
R 50

I chant a few mantras with guitar, we can also sing together, and we do simple vocal sound and singing-bowl healing practices. If you have a headphone set (not earpieces), please bring them.    

Spring Equinox Beach Dawn & Sunrise: Pranayama, Sound & Mantra Chant

21 September, 6.15 – 45 AM

Celebrate with first light on the beach from 6.15. Sunrise is 6.40-45.
I’ll head back to the studio then for my 7 AM class. Chanting mantra and pranayama at dawn is the most potent time for purification. We will also add our intentions to raise our innate healing frequencies to help reveal nature in all its glory to us. To the benefit of everyone and the planet.
It is a free, authentic gathering. Arrive anytime.

New Moon Sound Healing

At Sacred Earth & Storm, Pringle Bay
Saturday 27 August, 3-5 PM. R 100
Buy tickets

Meditation activation with Elizabeth Bardin.
Light yoga and breathwork with Johann (no yoga experience required).
For the sound healing activation Johann uses minamalist Tibetan singing bowl, vocalised vowel sounds, overtone chanting, electronica, guitar and mantra by Johann Kotze, Sound Guru & Yoga Master.
Facebook Event 

ॐ Virtual Chakra Activation 

Online Immersion and short workshop, with Whale Coast Astrologer
Sunday 7 August
11 AM – 1  PM, SAST
R 150
Featuring the Chakra Mantra “LAM VAM RAM YAM HAM OM”.
Please wear headphones, and make a comfortable space to meditate and lie down in the comfort of your own home.

ॐ Chakra Mantra & Monochord 
Live Event/In Studio
Saturday, 23rd, 10.10 – 11.11 AM, after my 9 – 10 class
Class credit or R120 drop-in

ॐ Monochord & Mantra

Live Event/In Studio
Saturday 25 June
10:10 AM – 11:11 AM
Right after my 9 – 10 AM Yoga Class
R 120 
Featuring the Chakra Mantra “LAM VAM RAM YAM HAM OM”.

ॐ Virtual Chakra Activation

Online Event Thursday 2 June 13h00 SAST.
See photo poster for how to join.


ॐ Virtual Meditation and Sound Healing Practice
15 May 2022, 9 – 10 AM SAST

With yoga teachers and mentors Candice Jones @cando_yoga and Johann Kotze @johannkotzemusicandyoga

This Zoom event will provide information and practices to amplify the opportunities offered by the powerful local celestial bodies and cosmic alignments of the auspicious Total Eclipse of the Moon on Monday, 16 May. Time for Q & A and discussion or comments available after the presentation.
R 150

Vibration Sound Meditation
Saturday, 23 April, 3 – 5 PM

With Janet Farquharson and her fantastic set of chakra tuned singing bowls.
Facebook Event
Monochord-soundbed, mantra, chanting, gong and Tibetan singing bowls. Includes learning sounding participation, Soundjourney, and healing bed experience.
R 400.
Tickets at my shop

Sound Healing Activations: Monochord & Mantra
Saturday 26 March
& 2 April, 10.10 – 11.11 AM

R 120
Follows my 9 – 10 AM Yoga Class.
I utilise sparse, simple voice, or yogic sounding such as “bramachari” breath, chakra mantra and OM chanting, a giant monochord sound bed, singing bowls, electronic keyboard and guitar.
Facebook Event 

Vibration Meditation: Monochord & Mantra
Saturday, 23 March, 3 – 4.30 PM

An immersive sound vibration experience. For deep bodymind stress release and healing.
Facebook Event
The session includes a simple chakra mantra activation and a chance to experience lying on the monochord soundbed to resonate on a cellular level with its 28 strings.
R 120.
Tickets at my shop (Drop in yoga class)


ॐ Summer Solstice Sunrise Beach Yoga
21 December  5.30 – 6.30 AM

Yoga In Love, Bhakti & Devotion
4 December
At my studio, 3 – 5 PM
No charge 

Details to be confirmed, possible date changes too.

Love, Bhakti & Devotion: a workshop, practice, and community, with visiting international teacher Susie Roy, and Johann Kotze. Both are versed in a gentle Sivananda/Integral style and its Vedic philosophy. There will be yoga, spiced with a devotional music offering from Susie, and Johann, and conversation around the session themes.
Facebook Event

Sacred On Earth – Mantra, Chant & Yoga Veda
20 November 16.00
Private home

Sacred On Earth – Sunday Sunrise Yoga, Mantra & Soundjourney
14 November 7.30 to 9.30
R 150

Yoga on the edge of the water at Zeekoevlei. Tune in to the sunrise and nature from the lovely lawns of a private, East facing, beautifully natural fynbos garden.

● Arrive from 7 AM
● Tea or Coffee self serve available throughout
● Bring your own breakfast or snacks

Yoga Spirit Nature Retreat
25-6 September 2PM – 2PM

Outdoor Mini Yoga Festival next to the ocean. A fun family and friends breakaway retreat experience, close to home, deep in nature, on the Scarborough coastline. Comfortable bunkbed accommodation 2 – 4 person sharing options. Indoor practice area incase of poor weather conditions.

Buy tickets in my store

Venue: Soetwater Environmental Education Centre, Scarborough.

Uplift your spirits, open your heart, and rest your mind!
Alcohol and drug free.

Yoga / Music / Soundjourney / Dance

Faceboook event 

ॐ Sound Vibration Activation
various online events, occasional in person

Sacred Sound Vibrations to activate innate healing.In the vibration of sound, we experience Light activation of the BodyMind as a Device of Consciousness. Look here for more information and dates inc.
10 June 4 pm SAST
21 June  10am SAST

ॐ Sunrise Beach Yoga Autumn Equinox
21 June 7.30 – 8.30 AM
Muizenberg Beach

Monday 21 June (details to be announced) – Winter Solstice (South) Summer (North)
10pm SAST /  PDT / 1ET / GMT
$10 / R150


… not much, remember 🙁


ॐ Sunrise Beach Yoga Summer Solstice
21 December 5.30 AM
Muizenberg Beach.
Click “going” or “interested” in the Facebook Event for weather details and updates in your Facebook feed.

Yoga Music Cape Town

ॐ Chilled-out Sunday Yoga & Music Session at Unity Jam Festival,
Family Stage, at Muizenberg’s Zandvlei Rendezvous

The Unity Jam Festival is 14 – 15 December: Facebook Event and tickets.
Weekend pass R 300 / Family Stage R 210 / Single Day R 180 / Children under 16 – R 90.

An extended chilled-out yoga session featuring live yoga music, mantra songs of devotion, and sound journey.

Enjoy a beginner friendly hatha yoga with deep relaxing, meditation, pranyama (breathing), spiced with easy power flow style asana. We aim for a family friendly atmosphere with practices that are and fun and also stimulating for advanced practitioners. Drop in or out of the session at any time, or just relax under the trees next to the vlei, and enjoy the views and vibes.

● The Unity Jam is an extensive festival, with something for everyone, “Everybody’s Festival”, over the Saturday and Sunday of the 14-15th December long weekend.
● The Rendezvous is a lovely venue for a mellow outdoors festival, with trees and lawns next to the Zandvlei, and views towards Lakeside Mountain.Yoga Unity Jam Cape Townॐ Full Moon Sound & Mantra – NADA Yoga
Wednesday 11 December 6.30 – 7.30 PM
Yoga & Yoga Sounding with Meditation Practices to activate bodymind healing. With Johann.
R100 or class credit for signed up students. Facebook Event.

ॐ Mantra & Singing Bowl Sound Journey – NADA Yoga featuring Janet Farquaharson
Wednesday 4 December, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
With yoga teachers Johann Kotze (music) and Janet Farquharson (Tibetan singing bowls)Yoga of Sound with Yoga & Meditation Practices.

ॐ An African Sound Journey with Pops Mohammed, Dave Reynolds & Yoga with Johann Kotze
Wednesday 27 November, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Inspired by rituals & ceremonies of the San in the Kalahari.
We need 10 pledges @ R195. Five more tickets are available @ R235 buy at Quicket

ॐ Sound & Mantra – NADA Yoga
Wednesday 20 November, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Yoga & Yoga Sounding with Meditation Practices to activate bodymind healing. With Johann.
R100 or class credit for signed up students. Facebook Event.

ॐ Full Moon Mantra & Singing Bowl & Gong – NADA Yoga featuring Janet
Tuesday 12 November, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
With yoga teachers Johann Kotze (music) and Janet Farquharson (Tibetan singing bowls & gong).
Yoga of Sound with Yoga & Meditation Practices. R100. Facebook Event.

ॐ Mantra & Singing Bowl Sound Journey – NADA Yoga
Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
With yoga teachers Johann Kotze (music) and Janet Farquharson (Tibetan singing bowls)
R 100. Please book.

ॐ Universal Yoga Philosophy: Co-creation & Soul Purpose
Co-create and Heal with Higher Self and Divine Will including M.A.P. (A universal energy healing program)
Saturday, 9 November 12, 2019 10.:30 – 11.30 AM (no later than 12:00)
Right after 9 AM Yoga class.
No charge.

ॐ Sound & Mantra – NADA Yoga
Wednesdays 23 October (free), 18 November, 18 December 6.30 – 7.30 PM
A yoga/meditation class format; integrating elements of my usual classes with “Live Soundscape Sounding” of Healing Tone drones, singing bowl and voice. Nothing fancy, but powerful because the AUM/OM, combined with pranayama, mudra and asana can be specially configured as a BodyMind/Spirit (Energy-Matter) practice to prime our chakra, meridian and organ systems for an effective holistic yoga meditation. Includes Mantra and Nidra (relaxation).
My solo events can be a class credit or R 100 drop-in. Facebook Event.

ॐ Song, Sound & Silence – NADA Yoga
Wednesday 2 October 6.30 – 7.30 PM
Healing Song & Soundjourney Meditation
Devotional AUM and chants, ambient music, singing bowls and stillness.
With yoga teachers Johann Kotze (music) and Janet Farquharson (Tibetan singing bowls) in a comfortable and grounding space.
Suggested donation R 50.
Facebook Event

FB Photo Stacks Johann Korze Music & Yoga Love Yourself

ॐ Chant, Singing Bowls & SoundJourney (Facebook Event linked)
4 September 6.30 – 7.30 PM
Deep Relaxation and Healing with Group OM Chanting
SoundJourney with Singing Bowls, Voices and Ambient Instruments “OM, Shiva & Shekinah” with Johann & Janet.
Suggested donation R 50.

Chant & Be Happy  (Facebook Event linked)
31 July 
6.30 – 7.30 PM
Chanting, or sounding, purifies the inner world, harmonises its energies to make the bodymind a happy place to be in.
Free Event/No Charge.

ॐ Buddha Nature is Pure Awareness

Know Your True Self. No illusion, no delusion. We practice yoga asana and breathing, eat a healthy diet, and live naturally, in an understanding what the yoga system is, to be able to meditate in pure awareness.

Saturdays 10.15 AM, 15, 22, 29 June. 1 hour. Know Who You Really Are. June after class, 10.15 AM to 11.15 AM, at the studio.
No Charge.

ॐ Saturday 11 May – Buddha Nature Workshop after 9 AM class, at 10.30
No charge.

We will enquire into the true nature of being human, using breath, bodymind mindfulness and some discussion.

Ancient texts of wisdom speak of the buddhi, innate True Self, hidden under layers of worldly ignorance. It is available to anyone willing to look within, and surrender to life, in the moment, just how it is at that moment. We practice to connect into this moment in meditation and mindfulness, but to transfer such mindfulness into ordinary living is a whole next level. This is, in a sense what the Buddha teaching is all about – surrender to awareness, and living it, moment by moment.

ॐ Workshop Presentations
9 & 16 March Saturdays after 9 AM class 10.30 – 12.00

Develop the ability to Surrender to Grace, ask for energetic support and tap into the energetic
frequencies that enables the conscious seeker to live a more meaningful and effective life.

Free for any of my signed up studio or course students. R 150 per event for anyone else.

● 9 March
Yoga & Healing with Universal Energy 
Includes new ebook
Co-creation & Self-realisation

● 16 March
The Gateless Gate of Samadhi
ebook on Kindle (send me an email to order a free pdf)
A classic mantra as gateway of soul purpose

ॐ Summer Solstice Sunrise Beach Yoga – Friday 21 December 5.30 AM

ॐ Yantra Yoga, 8 December 10.30-12.30 & 2.30-4.00.

A traditional Tibetan practice, brought to the west by the Dzogchen master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. With ex-S.A. teacher Vicki Sidley, an experienced teacher with US and Australian training. It involves powerful breathing techniques and is a don’t miss event. R 250 for morning, R 450 for both sessions.

ॐ How yoga and your body works
Sunday 2 December
R 250 for half day (9 AM -12) or R 450 full day (morning + 1- 4 PM).
A rudimentary though important exploration of Western anatomy and physiology,
and basics of a yogic approach to know, and better understand, the BodyMind.

ॐ The Practice of Yoga & The Art of Teaching Yoga. Module 2 of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training
7 Day 50 Hour Course, with day attendance option:
Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th November,
Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th November.
Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December.
More details here.
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with 50 Hour Modules.

ॐ The Chakras & Self-realisation – Free Yoga Training
3 November 10.30 – 11.30 
Know yourself to Realise Self: we look at a model of the Chakra System as a central aspect of Non-Duality Self-realisation. Understanding the chakras as a bridge between the material and unseen or cosmic dimensions. How to help activate the chakra system with practice of the Chakra Mantra. This workshop is in support of my ongoing Yoga Teacher Training Modules, but anyone is welcome to attend.

ॐ The Chakras & Self-realisation – Free Yoga Training
20 October, 10.30 – 12 AM.
Knowledge of the chakra system is central to an effective yoga practice. Understanding this metaphysical, or physical and energetic interaction, of Prana, Universal Energy, in our lives, is also central to help us realise who, and what, we are as human beings. We can live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives when we understand how the Life Force Energy manifests, via the chakra system, int the bodymind. This workshop is in support of my ongoing Yoga Teacher Training Modules, but anyone is welcome to attend.

ॐ  Turn on your Bliss with Yoga. Module 1 of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training
7 Day 50 Hour Course, with day attendance option.
Open to all levels, beginner friendly immersion.
9 – 16 September 2018, at Johann Kotze Music & Yoga Studio, Cape Town, Muizenberg.
More details here.
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with 50 Hour Modules.

ॐ Yoga Hike Muizenberg Mountain
Sunday 19th. 9AM, going up Old Mule Path. Park on Boys Drive, above Kalk Bay/St James. No charge. We walk some 90 minutes, break for yoga, meditation and picnic under the trees, and walk back approx 90 minutes, taking it easy all the way. All welcome – difficulty level requires at least moderate fitness level. Bring: water, picnic, sunhat, sunglasses. Please wear comfortable hike or walking shoes.

ॐ Soul Yoga Treats & Adventures
See more here. A day of Yoga for Body, Mind and Soul, in our studio at Muizenberg Beach, and the natural beauty of its ocean and mountain surroundings.
Saturday 23 June with craniosacral workshop with Sandra Smit.
Saturday 9 June mindfulness practice introduction with Russel Brownlee 5D Now.
No charge. Bring a friend or friends – no yoga experience required. Short video, only on Facebook at present
A few more Saturday after class workshops with complimentary practices, for example Reiki, are lined up over the next few months.
Follow the Facebook Event

23 June is a Craniosacral morning with Sandra Smit (from the next door practice.
ॐ Next MAP Session next Saturday 16 June 
After class 10.30 – 11.45 AM
New and repeat attendance welcome and encouraged.
ॐ Sunrise Beach Yoga @Logjam Beach Festival, Surfers Corner.
2 June, 7.40 – 8.30 AM. Free event.

ॐ Five Keys Book & Workshops 1 Key per week in February and March. We are referencing and implementing my Five Keys method in classes over five weeks. 1 Key per week in February and March. All signed up students receive a complimentary copy of my book Five Keys to Well-being. Holistic yoga practice is desirable on any level, but also apply to general health care, preventative or remedial.

ॐ December Muizenberg Beach Meditation Events (all are Free)
Sunrise 30 November – 2 December, Full Moon/Sunset 2nd December, Solstice Sunrise 21 December – see link for details.
    + 5X Urban Yogi Meetups at ZACafe on Main Rd everyday of the last week of November 11 AM. Facebook event.

ॐ Free Bonus Workshop after the 9 – 10.15 AM Saturday Class, 28 October

From 10.30 – 11.30 we will gain a deeper understanding of the advanced yoga tools that we regularly use classes. We will practice some of these in a normal class at the usual class time and explore the practices in the workshop after. I will also show you the MAP system (I did such a workshop a year or so ago) as an important additional personal meditation and healing practice. To be well in these tumultuous times requires extensive life skill capacities that includes a connection to Prana, the Life Force, and the multi layered natural intelligences surrounding us, hidden in plain sight. This connection is necessary for survival of our communities, and vital for earth.

All level practitioners are welcome. Drop in fee is R80 for non-members, all members on any card plan uses one credit for the usual class.

ॐ Double Session Class+Workshop
     Saturday 22 July, 9 – 11.15 AM

Learn how do and use
● finger (mudra) and body locks (bandha)
● pranayama (various breathing methods)
● and sounds (mantra)
to develop greater awareness of, and capacity for, personal healing.

Free for those who attend the morning class at 9AM.
R 80 drop-in fee if you only want to attend the workshop 10.15 – 11.15 (11.30 latest).

yoga workshop cape town johann kotze

ॐ Day out of Time Meditation
Tuesday 24 July, 7  PM at The Hive, Palmer Road

A Mayan calendar event, between the old year and the new year, globally celebrated as a day of peace, forgiveness and compassion. Come help radiate benevolent energies into our communities, and around the world.

Free. I was asked to present a half an hour breathing and meditation at 7 PM (arrive from 6.30). Carolyn Howell will lead a guided meditation, talk about the Day, and facilitate a communal water blessing, as the day is also Dr Emoto Day.

ॐ Vedanta: Introductory Talk
Wednesday 25 July, 6 PM

Find out why Vedanta is essential. You don’t have to do yoga to “do Vedanta”, although yoga is part of the Vedanta teachings. 
Free t
alk by Daniel Bands, locally based agent of Vedanta. See his links:

ॐ Solstice Celebration
On International Yoga Day, Cape Town
21 June 2017
8 AM – 10 PM
Muizenberg Civic Center, Pavilion & Beach

Yoga Celebration 21 June 2017

Solstice Celebration for Community Well-being, on International Yoga Day. A Yoga, Meditation, Music, Dance, Therapy and Healthy Food Consciousness Festival. We welcome all levels of practitioners, children and families to our sunrise to beyond sunset program, with something for all.

● R 120 entrance
Quicket pre-sales Early Bird R 100 before 8 June
● Special prices for children

Progam details and updates on Facebook Event 


  • Kids and Parent & Child Yoga Section
  • Live Consciousness Music
  • Multi-Media & Community Art Projects
  • Community Outreach Workshops
  • Therapies
  • Healthy Food & Drinks
  • No alcohol or drugs allowed
  • Free Workshops
  • Surf Yoga Beach Yoga weather permitting
  • Fun with Consciousness Dance

International Yoga Day Cape Town 2017

ॐ Saturday Morning Workshops 2017

Saturday Morning Workshops 2017 follow right after the 9 -10.10 AM Saturday morning class, starting around 10.15, ending 11.15 :-))
Free of charge on condition that you attend the preceding 9 a.m. class. Else a normal class fee applies.

● 20 May – Double Bonus Class

Develop a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy and techniques with mantra, mudra and breath.

● 22 April – Chakra Mantra/Who Am I

Same as below

 8 April – Chakra Mantra 

Sounding the OM and related sound practices of the 5 Elements to develop Chakra Healing and Activate Divine Essence.
More info and various links to the topic at my blog:

● 11 March – Who Am I

I was introduced to this method of self-enquiry in India, studying with my teacher Mansoor, in 2014. We will read the brief text and use a simple connected meditation practice as per this blog You may, but certainly don’t have to research this important yogi practice beforehand.

ॐ Monthly Beach Meditation Celebrations
Full Moon, Sunrise, Solstices and more. Link for more info. 

Free Sunrise Beach Yoga, Saturday 3 June 7.30 AM
On Surfers Corner. part of Logjam Beach Culture all day event. 

ॐ Bootcamp & Yoga Session Skills Combo Wynberg Park
9 April Wynberg Park
8 – 10 a.m. R 75

A fun, inspiring and empowering combination of bootcamp and yoga. Easy going stretch practices and relaxation skills training with a bit of meditation will provide a balance of working out and chilling out, making the 2 hour session achievable for any level of practitioner.

A complimentary crossover: Bootcamp is a tremendously popular fitness training format, a great introduction opportunity for yoga practitioners also looking for a stronger physical training component. Essential yoga practices like effective breathing, good posture, mobility and mindfulness enhance any self-improvement sport or lifestyle activity.

Three experts will share their passion for fitness and well-being to help participants enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Carlo Veroni and Kyle Daniels are from Bootcamp Cape Town
and Johann Kotze, one of the most experienced yoga instructors in Cape Town:

The venue is the beautiful outdoor environment of Wynberg Park.
All ages and level practitioners welcome.
and Johann Kotze

The venue is the beautiful outdoor environment of Wynberg Park.
All ages and level practitioners welcome.

Saturday 11 March 2017
17.30-19.30 p.m. FREE EVENT
● 17.30 Chi Beach Walk/Jog
● 18.00 Yoga Meditation
● 18.25 Chi Gung Meditation / 18.39 Moonrise
● 19.00-19.30 Music: Didgeridoo / Drumming / Vocal / Dancing

With Richard Stoltz and Johann Kotze, instructors at Cape Town Surf Yoga Studio at African Soul Surfer.
No charge. Please share.

Thursday 10 February 19h00 – 20hoo
Full Moon at River Mouth

ॐ Celebrate Summer Solstice: Sunrise Beach Yoga & Chi Gung at Surfers Corner
21 December 2016
6-7 a.m. FREE EVENT

With Richard Stoltz and Johann Kotze, instructors at Cape Town Surf Yoga Studio at African Soul Surfer. Incase of poor weather we will move to the Sea-View Studio on the corner. Actual sunrise 5.20. Join us for an additional meditation ceremony on the beach from 5.15.
No charge. Please share.


ॐ Free Advanced Yoga Class
Sat 17/12

2 for price of 1 class if you attend the 9-10.10 a.m. class. Optional Bonus Advanced Practice 10.15 until 11 a.m.

ॐ OM Chakra Mantra Divine Essence:
Advance your practice with an easy to do, formatted modality for deep yoga

Three part, 90 minute each exploration of the Chakra Mantra takes in self-realisation, conscious, OM, the Chakra System, Simple Advanced Yoga practices, and Inner Peace.

You need not attend all 3 Parts, although it is advisable. You’ll receive all three parts of the practice in a pdf that includes audio links to an online audio version of the actual mantra.

Workshops assist with deep immersion of bodymind on physical and energetic levels, digest metaphysical yogic understanding of oneself and the world, to effectively loosen embedded body stress and more easily enter into advanced levels of practice.

  OM Chakra Mantra Divine Essence Cape Town Workshop 2016 in 3 parts.

Saturdays, 10.30 -12. At my Muizenberg Yoga Studio, 24 Beach Road.
Subscribe for dates (to be announced) for 2017.

19 November 2016
 Part 1: To cultivate an experience and understanding of consciousness and self-realisation with the traditional OM, the Chakra system and the Chakra Seed Sound (Elements) Mantra.  We connect with our divine essence to learn how it may manifest as inner peace and soul purpose.
3 December 2016
● Part 2: Healing the chakra system. We look deeper into how we relate to the world via our chakras, and how to process and release our limited beliefs and limiting emotions – else we remain trapped in the planetary karma of deception, pain and pleasure. Create a safe space within where you can nurture yourself, and connect to the world around you from
Saturday 10 December 2016.
10 December 2016
● Part 3: Advancing your yoga with simple advanced practices and commitment requires razor sharp focus, and a big hearted will and surrender to the Life Force or Godhead. The advanced yoga here is not difficult; rather simple but essential versions of mudras and bandhas, fanning the fire, breath retention and abdominal lifts, knowledge of the energy bodies (sheaths), titbits of Vedas and Bhagevad Gita, Patanjali’s Sutras and the importance of devotion and prayer. Essential to escape negativity earth trap energies

Cost (Launching 2016 fee) is a normal class credit per workshop (excludes morning class) whatever rate your are paying (10 card = R55, 5 card = 65, drop-in = R80).
If you’re on an Unlimited Month cost is also R 55.
Free class for my students  10 Dec. R80 drop-in. 

More dates to be announced for 2017.
Online Chakra Mantra Workshops available soon.

Cost is a normal class credit per workshop (excludes morning class) whatever rate your are paying (10 card = R55, 5 card = 65, drop-in = R80).
If you’re on an Unlimited Month cost is also R 55.
Free class for my students  10 Dec. R80 drop-in. 

With the ever increasing dazzle and frazzle of the world around us we simply have to step up our game of consciousness, to cope with the instabilities, and transform our personal world into greater coherence.

ॐ Ayurveda Talk
Monday, 28 Nov 2016, 6.45 p.m. right after 5.30 class

Ayurveda developed from the same roots as yoga and may be considered a part of yoga, or vice versa.
Either way it is the oldest system of natural healing in existence and perhaps the ultimate holistic practice.

Dr Vijay Jain is a lecturer and practitioner of this facinating holistic health modality.
There is no charge.

Dr Jain is co-founder of International University of Yoga and Ayurveda and an Integrative and Ayurvedic Physician at the Mind Body Wellness Center, Floriday U.S.A. He brings 40 years of experience in General Surgery and 20 years of focused study of Integrative Medicine to his engaging integration of traditional/Western medicine with ancient ayurvedic medicine.

Dr. Jain teaches Ayurvedic certificate courses on behalf of International University of Yoga and Ayurveda which he cofounded in 2013. He specializes in Ayurvedic Detoxification (Panchakarma) therapies and Rasayana (Tissue tonifying) therapies for chronic life style diseases and to promote graceful ageing.

He recently co-authored a book “Unfolding Happiness” based on the principles of Yoga and Ayurveda.

His favorite quote provides us with an inkling of what to expect from his talk: “Healing is return to the memory of wholeness.”

ॐ Healing Self with Yoga and Support from the Energetic Realm…
Saturday 12 December 2016
2 – 4 p.m. 2015

Please enquire if you are interested and to check if this esoteric workshop will suit you.

ॐ Join my talk Wednesday 28 October 2015 at the 8 O’CLOCK CLUB, Rondebosch
Breathe effectively, be mindful, expand consciousness

ॐ  A Yoga Weekend Retreat – September 23 – 28th 2015

I booked the Fynbos Estate, a fabulous place, one hour drive drive from Muizenberg and the city.

● 2 Nights and 2 days
● Includes a bodywork therapy, coaching consultation and a one-on one yoga consultation
● At least 4 yoga, meditation, workshop, coaching and satsang sessions daily
● R 1 700

Read more

ॐ Go within – a short yoga/meditation workshop. 
Saturday 8 August 

After morning class, 10.20 a.m. – 11.00
No charge.

If you’re attending class, feel welcome to stay on.
Non students, with or without experience of yoga, as well as more seasoned yogi’s, are welcome.

Go within. Be the change. I teach this concept as a breath and meditation technique in my yoga classes. It easily redirects the outward business of doing, thinking, and emotional states to effortless inwards focus, with an expansive awareness.

ॐ Monthly Double Class Saturday, 30 May

9 – 11.30 (a.m.). The longer session is for you to get deeper into yoga practice, not to challenge you physically. Anyone who can do 1 class can do 2 :-))

ॐ April Double Session Saturday Immersive 18th

Two classes in a row.

Session One is a usual Saturday morning class, the usual restorative practice, spiced with minimilast power flow sequences.
Session Two brings more focus to our ongoing body-mind-spirit integration practice, along the lines of healing self (and the world :-)) with self-love.

First class begins 9 a.m. and ends 10.15.
Stay if you may for second.
Few minutes mid session break: tea & smoothy
Ends at 11.30.

Cost: 2 Class credits + R20 for catering. Or R 130 drop-in.
(Unlimited Cardholders: 1st session on your card, 2nd is best rate R 55 + R 20).

ॐ A Double Session Saturday 21st March

Theme: Please see my blog Healing = Whole and it heals spaces.
Session will consist of the usual restorative practice, spiced with minimilast power flow sequences.

9 a.m. – 11.30.
2 Class credits + R20 for mid session break tea & smoothy. Or R 130 drop-in.
(Unlimited Cardholders – free session + R 75).

ॐ A 3 Hour Long Immersion

Finally a Valentine’s Yoga Event 🙂 Don’t wait for someone else to spoil you: treat yourself! Immerse your body, mind and spirit in a multidimensional mega beneficial 3 hour practice of yoga.

Saturday 14 February.
9 a.m. – 12.30.
R 180.

Normal Saturday morning class ends at 10.15. Workshoppers will enjoy a Power Smoothie + Green Tea. Then more and more yoga to 12.30 p.m.

Beginners welcome – the practice will be gentle, rejuvenating and insightful.
I can only try to put enough emphasis on the do-ability of such an extended session. No endurance is required, or extraordinary feats of concentration : )
Just like in the classes, we will practice advanced yoga for beginners, and, at the same time, boldly move forward as beginner advanced yogi’s.

Please book at your soonest convenience.


ॐ Immersive Yoga Saturday 13 December

A do-able basic and more advanced mixed level practice of practical and expansive hatha yoga. Includes advanced solidification of simple practices that are also accessible for absolute beginners. The middle session will be a practical, explanatory exploration of how to apply yoga techniques in daily life, for anything from lowering or raising blood pressure, sharpen the mind, growing one’s intuition, effective relaxation, and of course, more effective yoga. Also an opportunity for question and answer; all the stuff that does not fit into everyday classes. Session 1 – standard class in preparation of workshop 9 – 10.15 a.m. Session 2 – workshop 10.15 – 11.15 a.m. Session 3 – standard class with focus on content from 11.15 – 12 or 12.15 a.m. R 150 This is our end of year studio event too. Please bring eats to share for after if you like. No obligation. Studio will provide some snacks, tea, coffee and plates and so on.

ॐ Awesomenss Workshop Sunday 7 December

Facebook Event Link.

At Alive Cafe, Muizenburg. I am putting together, and hosting, with a few friends, this practical and information rich (and somewhat tongue-in-the cheek) exploration of enlightenment in our times.Our multidimensional self requires some serious realisation, or uncovering. True self is awesome because it is, and not because of something we have or don’t have. Self-Realisation is a kind of journey into consciousness. Along the way we discover our awesomeness, the quiet self that is always there, and it is often mixed up in a lot of pain, confusion, anger, illness and trouble. And love and happiness, all of which is part of an endless cycle of suffering. Anything can, and will distract us from true self. Fortunately there are techniques to help us experience what is described by the Tao and other esteemed books of wisdom as indescribable, so that we can go ahead and plough on towards release from suffering, to awaken to our bigger potential, true selves, or… awesomeness. The workshop/conversation format will share practical techniques to help you hobble along when not growing in leaps and bounds, and help you appreciate and encourage your own and others awesomeness. Included are an easy to do breathing exercise, the most basic coaching practice and a simple creativity principle.

Free/No charge.

ॐ Yoga Session in Cecelia Forest, Constantia Sunday 7 December

Facebook Event Link.

Free outdoors Sunday morning session. Once off event for my students, anyone welcome, no yoga experience required. We will find a shady spot near the stream and practice whatever we can manage on the terrain. So mostly standing poses, some sitting, breathing and meditation. Getting there: Let’s drive together from the studio at my home, or share rides, leaving 7.30 a.m. – those in the Southern suburb area near me in Muizenburg. If you live near the forest then we meet at the entrance at 7.45 a.m. Here is a weblink to the area, including a map.

Free/No charge.

Johann Kotze Music & Yoga Muizenberg Cape Town

ॐ Immersive Yoga Saturday 22 November Hatha Yoga & No Mind

Sessions will include typical hatha practices, with awareness of the greater aim of yoga practice of mindfulness. Read my blog post No mind is everything Arrive from 8.45 a.m. 9  a.m. – 75 minute session yoga basics (After which normal class students who don’t want to stay on may leave) 10 a.m. – 60+ minute session Lunch break – buy your own at nearby cafe’s, bring as take-aways or bring lunch or snacks to studio. Tea/coffee 12.00 p.m. –  90 minute session Beginners welcome and more advanced students will benefit. Exact details may change. R200.

ॐ Movie and slide show/talk of my India trip (video clips & photographs)

Saturday, 22nd, at the studio. 7 p.m. for 7.30. I’ll improvise some commentary on the images and philosophy and yoga stuff encountered. All welcome, bring friends, children welcome. I have no idea how long it will take but you can leave any time you like. Dinner and chai tea. So please RSVP. Free/No charge. Note: I’m considering to arrange a trip like this for a group of us for next year. So come see if your’e interested!

ॐ Immersive Yoga Saturday 18 October
From 8.45 a.m. – Tea on arrival 9  a.m. – 60+ minute session yoga basics (After which normal class students who don’t want to stay on may leave) 10 a.m. – 60+ minute session, includes bodywork in pairs Break: Veg/Fruit Juice Light lunch Tea/coffee 12.30 p.m. –  90 minute session, power up, pranayama, deep relaxation In the first part we will release layers of body mind stress with long, slow deep stretches and student-on-student pair work. The 2nd part will include stronger power flow sequences, pranayama, meditation and deep relaxation. All sessions will be in my signature super do-able style – beginners and more advanced students welcome. Exact details may change. R125.

Yoga Workshops Cape Town Muizenberg

ॐ Immersive Yoga Saturday, 17 May

Theme: Prana & Pranayama. We begin with the regular 60-65 minute Saturday morning class, at 9 a.m. At 10 regular class students not attending the rest of the day’s sessions leave class and we continue with another session of 60-80 minutes. We will then chill out a bit, watch a yoga movie, and have a great vegetarian lunch prepared by an awesome chef,  The after noon session will begin around 1 p.m. We conclude no later than 3 p. Beginners or less adept students are all welcome, as with my usual classes the focus is on simple, do-able practice. The space and content will allow participants a fun way to engage with yoga in an immersive yogic experience of self and a wonderful yoga community (that’s you guys!). Extended practice days are excellent opportunities for you to grow in your yoga experience and ability – the long easy-going intensity allows you to make great progress at loosening, focussing and connecting with your body and being.


ॐ Experience Bliss: Sunday 15 December

Awaken and focus your connection to your sacred self and its energy source, Prana. Enhance your whole brain integration with bodymind practices to Experience Bliss. Expansive Asana, Pranayama and Meditation practices with a Journey through the Chakras, incorporating Binaural Sounds and Music for Meditation and Yoga Nidra.

The Yoga Sanga Festival is on at Greyton over the long weekend of the 16th (Friday evening to Monday). It promises to be a wonderful experience, a rare opportunity to become immersed in a 3 day festival (outdoors yoga tent/camping/backpackers/book own accommodation in guest houses) setting offering a deep exploration of true yoga.

Sunday 15 December. Sanga Yoga Festival, Greyton. Free talk, 8 a.m. Workshop 11.45 a.m.

The festival is arranged by Martin of Asanga Yoga in Somerset West. Please contact him for enquiries;

ॐ Winter Warmer: Saturday 13 July

Arrive from 10.30 a.m. for ginger tea, green tea, something warm and herbal.

Session 1 11 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Power Flow & Pranayama – We will workshop breath of fire and other get warm, keep warm, purifying, immune boosting breathing practices, and do a Power Flow session with applied breathing.

Beginners or persons with minor disabilities need not to fear!

For lunchtime break there will be a cozy fire in the fireplace and we will feed you a healthy & hearty soup and serve great bread, and some other tasty treat. Eat, relax, watch a yoga documentary (as part of the workshop, not only entertainment) and let the food settle.

Session 2 From or just after 2 to 3.30/4.00 p.m. latest Easy Flow & Nidra – Gentle session with more integrated breathing, more pranayama and solid mediation and relaxation.

Cost R 250

Please bring a warm blanket, a pillow, warm clothes, warm socks, with a cool set underneath, for the stronger practice. If you want to try out your warming skills by going swimming…bring your beach wear and beach towel… I made it my mission this year to pretend it is still summer and it is still working. It really is only a matter of applied breathing techniques (such as what we will be workshopping) and eternal summer (within) is yours 🙂


ॐ Sunday 9 December

Come explore details of technique, longer holding of poses, extended relaxation, breath and meditation times than the 1hour limitation of a normal class time imposes. Beginner and more advanced students are welcome.

The day will look something like this:

Session 1 is from 10 – 11.40 a.m.

Options for bring your own lunch and chill at the studio, go for a swim, lunch in the village or at Surfer’s Corner, a walk to Kalk Bay for lunch, weather depending.

Session 2 from 2-3.40 p.m.

Cost R 250

ॐ Center with an Extended Class 

Saturday 4 February 9.30 – 11.30 a.m. R 100

Easing into the flow of yoga in new year

ॐ Beginner’s Luck – Yoga Basics Workshop

Sunday 19 February 9.30 – 12.30 a.m.

For beginners wanting to get it right from the start, for intermediates to correct the basis of their practice.

ॐ Bending Reality
    Saturday 17 March 9.30 – 12.30 a.m.

Postural alignment, pranayama – breathing to positively influence body, and mind reality. Time, setting goals, achieving goals on and off the mat.


ॐ A Yoga Sunday in Muizenberg
    20th November

“Bending Reality” will be an extended 150 minute yoga class/workshop and relaxation to help you understand how you can shift your reality – your body, mind and life – to accommodate greater harmony between the sum of the parts and their integration with spirit. This therapeutic, healing aspect of yoga remains close to my heart and is a timeless, root aspect of classical yoga practice. Session starts 10 a.m. sharp. 
Aim to arrive around 9.30 to 9.45. to enjoy a great freshly juiced fruit and vegetable drink with us before we start. Cost is R130 You may take the healing process further with an additional cranio-sacral sessions treatment after 12.30 – book directly with Sandra: and 0847000690 / See:

ॐ Chill-out YOGA Sleepover RETREAT / Two YOGA DAYS

Following up on requests for more Saturday workshops, extended classes,  plus enquiries for affordable weekend retreats I have the pleasure of announcing Sunday and Saturday,  October the 1st and 2nd , as dates for the next yoga weekend.

Attend one or both dates as a day student, or bring your own bedding gear and sleep over.

Apart from having fun with a walk on the beach, chilling out, eating hearty and healthy meals and bonus Cranio-sacral therapy session we will immerse ourselves in meditation practices, sun salutations, easy going classes as well as more challenging sessions and deep relaxation and pranayama practices. As Tom Robbins famously said: “It is never too late to have a happy childhood”.

Beginner and advanced students are welcome.


The schedule indicates only a framework; actual session content will overlap to a degree. Although the 90 minute long sessions will allow for some workshopping the emphasis will be on doing yoga, not talking about it.

Saturday 9.30 – 11 Easy Stretch, Sun Salutation 2.00 – 3.30  Power Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama

Sunday 9.30 – 11 Sun Salutation, Power Yoga, Pranayama 2.00 – 3.30 Easy Stretch, Mediation, Deep Relaxation

Stay-over participants can schedule their bonus Cranio-sacral treatments with Dr Sandra Smit closer to the time. Day students may also, availability allowing, book a Cranio-sacral session.

Additional evening and morning meditations or other practices, perhaps some yoga on the beach etc, may be arranged in addition to the scheduled program depending on weather conditions. Saturday evening dinner will include wine and chess and a movie screening.


We provide a fresh vegetable/fruit juice at the beginning of the day. Also provided are breads, fruits, nuts, teas, coffee and healthy hearty lunch and dinner meals, breakfast porridge etc. Feel free to bring your own fruits or snacks, and if you like you can get involved in the catering.

Meals for stay-over persons includes Saturday lunch, dinner and Sunday breakfast and lunch.

Lunches are also included for the day students.

Together we will strive to achieve an inspiring, uplifting and healthy weekend experience to release the toxins and the stress of day-to-day living and achieve greater well-being.


The three spaces of the therapy room, children’s bedroom and studio will ensure privacy for 3 groups, couples or persons. Depending on the combination of couples, single persons and number of persons wanting to  spend the night you will sleep either in a single bed, on a futon, a mattress, or a pull-out couch. There are two bathrooms for to share. Please bring a sleeping bag or duvet, and a pillow.


R 350 per person per day. R 600 per person for both days.

R 1 000 per person for the weekend, including a Cranio-sacral session.

Please confirm your booking a.s.a.p.

ॐ “Subtle Practice” Workshop

Saturday the 18th from 10 a.m. to 12.30 and from 2 – 4.00 p.m. R350

Subtlety is an important aspect of boldness. Without it there is brashness, banality. With subtlety comes effective action, conduct, art, life, everything is elevated.

Subtlety, as everything else, comes in shades. Soon as you refine your awareness of your subject, the crudeness of your perception prior to moving to the next level comes into view. This is the process of committed development at the heart of yoga and self-realization. It is true when refining one’s craft, or life skill. Mutual growth beneficial to the overlapping parts of the whole is the result.

Contact Johann Kotze Music & Yoga Workshops,
Cape Town

Open chat
For schedule, class bookings, location pin etc.