Sound is vibration, and a powerful activator of the natural healing capacity of the bodymind. Activation of this innate healing is a primary function of yoga, and also motivates my vibrational healing practice. Here my yoga practice, yoga therapy, yoga training and experience as musician and music production comes together in Sound Healing Activation.

Simply sounding one’s voice, such as yogic “bramachari” breath, chakra mantra and OM chanting is tremendously beneficial. In my studio I have a giant monochord sound bed, and also add in singing bowls, electronic keyboard and guitars. My sound healing activation practice combines my lifelong interest in sound and music production, music, yoga practices, holistic meditation, philosophy and all manners of creativity and yogic metaphysics.

A sound healing activation can be a Sound Healing 1-1 Therapy, or a group event.

Included are practices for focus, relaxation, and deep mind meditation, and understanding of Sacred Chants. Activations include aspects of receiving the sounding, as well as co-creation with participants voice sounding, or chanting.

Please note that no yoga or music experience is required.

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Private Sound Healing Treatments

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Testimonial descriptive by Simon:
Thanks Johann, another immersive experience on many levels – I really enjoy the diversity of the multiple treatments, which makes for a holistic therapeutic experience. From the dynamic energy of the monochord through to the live guitar and chant input to the gong and singing bowl sounds and tuning fork vibrations, finally reaching the hands on energy healing – all works synergistically and extremely well as complimentary healing processes.

Sound vibration activation

Awaken to Your Inner Peace

A Sound Vibration Activation experience let’s you resonate deeply with the Light of your own Inner Peace. While the techniques are rooted in timeless, ancient traditions of Universal Intelligence, and a very necessary practice for our time.

Chakra Sound Vibration Activation

Sounding the Chakra in understanding of, for example, the third chakra as solar plexus area associated with the sun, the diaphragmatic aspect of breath, and one’s place in the world. We also chant two major Yoga Mantra, Om Tryambakam, and Gaytri Mantra, to help balance our own unique masculine and feminine energies.

Sacred Sound Vibrations Activates Universal Wisdom

In the vibration of sound, we experience Light activation of the BodyMind as a Device of Consciousness. I have practiced yoga and music for many years, and have been fascinated by world culture, sound and the body and mind since I can remember. The method for the Sound Vibration Activations was revealed to me in deep meditations while visiting sacred sites of Egypt during December 2020. I welcome you to attend these events to experience it’s deeply healing effects for yourself. Read my blog about this journey Stand in Light.

Our Sound Vibration Activation Events combine our personal healing powers to help create a shift in the collective consciousness. As we heal ourselves, the world heals around us. 

We are in awareness of Source 
In Oneness with Source 
We meet our Divine Masculine
We meet our Divine Feminine 
We are One with their Holy Spirit 
We are Source
We Are Love 
We Are Light
Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Learn how to activate and balance each chakra, by directing your own voice into the chakra area. This practice enables embodied consciousness, by synchronising the entire chakra system, with itself, the BodyMind, Soul, the Earth and Cosmos.

When you join an immersive, healing sound event, live online:

Some events may take place on Zoom and YouTube Live – where we begin with an introduction in a private Zoom meeting space, to connect into a deeper understanding of vibrational healing, yogic metaphysics, and to set intentions. I will then share a YouTube link with you for the live sound activation transmission, invocations and consciousness music and mantra. Earphones are recommended for the most potent healing activation. We wrap up the session back in Zoom, with a recap of the activation and to answer any questions you may have. 

Sound Vibration Activation

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