My Consciousness Music is created in meditation with intent to connect the created frequencies with Cosmic Light Consciousness in order to transmit an expanded and focussed state of mind through the compositions. It simply comes from a clear connection with higher self and the Heavenly Father and the Divine Feminine with creative guidance to bring about “codes” of sound to help manifest in the sound frequency and structures of the music, to assist the listener to experience Light Consciousness when hearing the productions. It is a sharing of cosmic energy, on the local earth plane, in the body.

Internet social networks and online stores help spread these frequencies around the globe, to help activate the digital networks and computers at work and home, to energize bodies, hearts and minds of people with Light Consciousness, and help balance other energies on the planet.

Consciousness Music has helped human beings throughout the ages to access their higher selves and to transcend the ordinary states. Prayer, shamanic work, liturgical chant, New Age and rock music performances share potent use of sound to connect spiritually. As a yoga teacher with a deep interest in the profound power of meditation combined with simple body- and breathwork I know that self-realization through conscious being are key to these transformations. I believe we stand on the threshold of a major transformation of our planet, which, of course, has to begin with our own transformation through conscious, meditative and awareness states.

Music for consciousness, or consciousness music inspires, and actually help us to transform our physical and mental aspects to uplift us to higher plains of being. This is simply a matter of frequency: the less dense we are, and the stronger our connection is to our Light Bodies and our ability to bring this Light Energy into our physical being, the higher our vibration becomes. Light transforms us with its frequency, and brings healing to our planet.

Much of my music contains frequencies selected to stimulates higher states of consciousness. When used as ambient music for conscious bodywork, meditation or background listening these sounds stimulates higher consciousness and calm, alert states of mind. Some of my other music are specially treated with binaural beats technology for enhanced mental states. The music for spas, easy listening, background music for functions and my chill-out music all contain frequencies and compositional elements for healing.

Sound and music may help anyone interested become more conscious, and connect with one’s individual soul purpose of such awareness.

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