29 May 2022

My passion to champion yoga

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My yoga on tv appearance, and my wish for yoga to be incorporated into education.

30 Mar 2022

Yoga & Sound Healing Holistic Therapy

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When I compiled my accumulated insights and practices of yoga for my Yoga Training material a few years ago, my appreciation of the vast efficiency and practical benefit of the yoga system grew to even higher levels than I already experienced. As an offshoot to these training modules came the opportunity to consolidate my 30 […]

1 Feb 2022

Sound Healing soundjourney & mantra music

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I recently made a live recording, in of the Shanti Mantra, singing bowls, bells and chimes, and other sound journey elements with yogi friend Janet Farquharson. Stream our EP below on this page, or on Soundlcoud. It is also on Apple Music, Spotify and other services.   Janet played most of the singing bowls, shakers, […]

8 Jan 2022

What the yogi sees

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Atha yoga anushasanam! The view of the chakras and energy fields have been invisible to most human beings for a long, long time. Including yoga practitioners. We may be on the mat, or on meditation cushions, but we are also in a society that has literally zero belief in the esoteric core of metaphysical yoga. […]

15 Oct 2021

Sacred On Earth – Mantra, Soundjourney, Yoga & YogaVeda

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The chants and rituals of yoga are meant to invoke direct experience, or perception of Being Human, on Earth, in the Universe. These practices are life affirming and decidedly non-religious. In “Sacred On Earth” I combine my musical and yoga practices to create an immersive experience of yoga music, mantra, sounding, soundjourney, breathing, meditation, and […]

26 Jan 2021

Stand in the Light

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An amazing experience of the Egyptian Sun at Solstice, 21 December, at the Healing Temple of Abedos, Egypt, crowned an amazing trip into a distant past, to illuminate the present, and a possible future, with its very bright light of timeless wisdom. My family and I were in a group of eight Cape Townians, and […]

1 Jul 2020

A Mudra Practice

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Use of mudras is an absolutely simple technique that increases vitality and well-being. This advanced yogic practice is not difficult to do, yet sustained, skilled, regular practice may produce astounding health benefits. Mudras are specific hand positions that regulate, focus and distribute the flow of life force, or prana, within the body. The neural, and […]

16 Mar 2020

Yoga Live Online with Zoom

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Stream my daily Yoga class on Zoom, online. How to join my live webcam class Send me a Whatsapp (use the onscreen icon) to request a Zoom conference link for the class you want to join, see the schedule. Email if you are not using Whatsapp. Buy classes at the shop, or request payment details. Monthly Subscribers […]

5 Feb 2020

Sound of Yoga: Mantra Monk Music

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The music video clips below are of three diverse music genres, fused into one… Iron Monk Mantra Blues… chant/overtone voice with slide guitar, keyboard, and singing bowl. Iron Monk is the working title for the sound of the 1st video, which is new music for my Ambient Hypnosis Music label. I am working these sounds into […]

18 Jan 2020

Do Yoga to avoid Bad Politics

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The Universe, as “a field of intelligence”, with a Creation and Creator, easily becomes quite complicated and muddled in attempt to grasp exactly what it is, how it came about, and where it is going to. “In the gaze of Yoga” we can more easily understand life, philosophically, and find meaning or purpose: Yoga as […]

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