I am a Sivananda/Integral yoga therapy trained facilitator (200 hour teacher+300 remedial). My therapeutic based yoga and work as music producer, musician and creative being derived naturally flow together in my training courses. My experience is my expertise. My interest to integrate a vocational commitment with everything else that interests me has given me decades of teaching classes, exploration of therapy, my work in arts, culture, and education, and eventually the title Sound Guru & Yoga Master, recently given to me by an event producer. This yoga life energy supports my passion to share what I do with others.

Soul Purpose

I taught myself yoga, from a book, on a Mediterranean island. It was 1990, while exploring Europe, not so much looking for meaning as for a meaningful way of being. I returned to S.A. a year later, established myself in the beautiful town of Stellenbosch, leading a creative micro business life connected to music and arts. And was blessed to receive excellent training in remedial yoga at Ananda Kutir Ashram in Cape Town. I have given a yoga class, on average, close to every day of my life, for over 30 years!

Music, books, humans and the humanities always had my attention. Some of my first childhood memories are of stories and fairies (I played with them under my favourite tree). I collected LP’s from age 10. After school I taught myself music and wrote songs. Decades of a mix of musician/music industry ambitions followed, and included recording, producer and promoter duties, at my music recording label, and more than I can remember assorted life events.

Biography Yoga Johann Kotze

I published my Essentials of Effective Yoga book (Five Keys to Well-being) in 2006, lectured yoga at the university sports science department, and the prestigious Rustenberg Hydro Spa where I also practiced therapeutic yoga, and explored corporate well-being training.

I then discovered home studio music production, and found huge pleasure, in creating sounds as I pleased, selling it online, relocated my family in 2011 to the seaside village of Muizenberg, on the edge of Cape Town city. Here I have my music and yoga studio, at home. A few retreats to India, and much formatting of teaching skills, in person and pre-Covid ear virtually led to my current facility as teacher trainer in therapeutic yoga, and sound healing.


Life on the beachfront lets me pursue my passion for yoga and soul surfing, creativity and community. My life interest in authentic ways of living evolves as it should. Feeling blessed and privileged, immersed in my vocations of teaching yogaand music, as mediums of light consciousness.

These days I am more aware than ever of the privilege to have served in over 10 000 hours of practice of each of my vocational life skills.

Cape Town, 2022

For additional biography read my life story

“From Worcester to India”.Photos at Home Studio and                                                                                 Muizenberg Beach, 2018, and below, Anand Lok, Rishikesh, Ganges, 2014.
River Ganges, India, Johann Kotze

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Chanting, keyboards, guitar and singing bowls, includes pranayama, meditation and Nidra.

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