Sound Healing Activation

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In the vibration of sound, we experience Light activation of the BodyMind as a Device of Consciousness. This awakens our potential to heal ourselves. Combine the magical forces of nature with our own voices to raise vibrations and initiate a powerful wave of healing within, and around us. This shared Sound Vibration Activation event is a powerful way to combine our personal healing powers, together as a community, and create a shift in the collective consciousness. As we heal, the world heals. 

Presented by musician and yogi, Johann Kotze, from his studio in Muizenberg Beach, Cape Town. “The method of Sound Vibration Activation was revealed to me in deep meditations while visiting sacred sites of Egypt in December 2020. I welcome you to attend this Activation to experience the deep healing benefits for yourself.” Read more here

We are in awareness of Source 
In Oneness with Source 
We meet our Divine Masculine
We meet our Divine Feminine 
We are One with their Holy Spirit 
We are Source
Shanti, Shanti, Shanti


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