Ambient Hypnosis Vol. 2 Sacred Heart – a new Therapy Music album

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This higher dimensional music for reconnecting body and mind with the wholeness and abundance of spirit is influenced by timeless yoga meditation.

I based the album titles on a simple awareness of breath as a means to go within, into the sacred inner chamber, to connect it with higher self and universal consciousness, the source of all healing and well-being, in the body.

Track titles 1 – 3 is inspired by classic whole being bodymind meditation practices that utilize the breath to calm the nervous system, open the heart, and clear the mind. When body, mind and spirit converge with the mind focussed within, one may let go of business, thinking and emotion, to reveal a sacred inner space.

The title of the final track is Vajra, found in Buddhism, as well as yoga, where it is associated with mantra, meditation and a meditation (asana) posture. It may be thought of as “beauty and strength”, or a diamond and a thunderbolt in direct translation to English.  Sonically “Vajra” is ambient at low volumes; at higher volumes and direct listening, it has a rippling, sattvic (consciousness) stimulating quality.

The video includes all 5 tracks on the album, edited as a single 20 minute composition:

Find my higher dimensional Ambient Hypnosis music for reconnecting body and mind with the wholeness and abundance of spirit. Available as standard download or with Royalty Free Licence.

Yours in Music & Yoga
Cape Town
8 November 2017

Also available for streaming on my Johann Kotze Music & Yoga SoundCloud Profile:

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