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When I just published this video and blog I wondered how life is in dual reality i.e. either happy or unhappy or endlessly switching between the two states. That would be the majority of people on the planet, and including myself. Because the bliss I felt doing what I love doing (in this case to record, create and share this video) feels really good. Why then do I feel not so great when I land up doing things I don’t like doing?

To begin with: in the video I stay we need to do something, daily, that we love doing, to energise us and keep us healthy. In my case it is, for example, a swim in the sea. It can also be a few minutes of gardening, a cold shower, meditation, a ride on a bike and so on. But it must be a physical, conscious act that involves feeling great, in the body.

Non-duality VS the loop of duality

In yoga and meditation we know that in non-duality “The Whole”. Follow your bliss and connect with that whole, and let it, the life force, potentise your life. It is natural to oscillate between the two states, but only when we understand that Bliss is a Joy, not a “good” as opposite to “bad”, a happy because of a reward, or an unhappy because of a “can’t get”.

Bliss is causeless joy. An understanding that everything, day or night, is part of the same whole. When we identify with either extreme, we are either in, or out of luck. Our reality becomes a jostle to have more of one or the other. We no longer see the world as a changeable, flowing whole.

Through regular awareness, self observation, we may develop the habit of mindfulness, that reveals how duality is an endless loop of have or not have, or wrong or right, while it is really one coin presenting either of its sides. In non-duality the grass is always greener on your side of the fence.

The joy of bliss that manifests when we tune in to our blueprint of non-duality is truly magnificent – because when the human being is activated by doing what it loves doing, and loving what it is doing, it is free from limitation.

Such is the Supreme Vibration of Bliss – resonance with the Life Force.

Pay it forward…

NjoY! Set course in the direction of happiness :-))

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26 January 2017


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