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When I just published this video I wondered how it is out there for those in dual reality? That would be the majority of people on the planet. Because the bliss I felt doing what I love doing (creating and sharing this video) feels really good. Why is this so?

In the video I state that in order to be healthy we need to do something, daily, that energises us. In my case it is a swim in the sea. It can also be a few minutes of gardening, a cold shower, meditation, a ride on a bike and so on. But it must be a physical, conscious act that involves feeling great, in the body.

Bliss is Supreme Vibration. Direct resonance with Chi. Happy is Joy, not “good” as opposite to “bad” or because of a reward… it’s causeless joy.

In yoga and meditation we know that in non-duality “the Whole is Well”. Follow your bliss and connect with that whole. It is a potent holistic life force. It is natural to oscillate between the two states. And really important to regularly practice contact with the whole, in order to balance the two. With practice it is possible to evolve much stronger connection to conscious wholeness.

The joy of bliss manifests our crystalline blueprint reality as truly magnifecnt human beings when full brain and physical capacity is activated by full bodymind presence.

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Okay!  So now I’m joining the millions on the video blog scene. One advantage I have is I know how to follow my bliss 🙂 Let’s vlog away. NjoY! Please share if you know someone who needs a bit of direction towards happiness :-))

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