Healing = awareness of the whole

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The whole truth can only be the whole truth.

Healing = whole. Whole = consciousness. Consciousness springs from awareness.  

Healing is big topic, and a most important one of our time. It appears as if the planet is divided in two camps; those searching for ways to protect its natural recourses and find personal meaning and health, and those oblivious to or uncaring of state of the world or their own personal lives. It is true that the world out there is much in need of much healing. The planet and its eco-systems, entire societies and its systems are broken. Can any of it be fixed? And where to begin?

Some of this stems from ignorance, or a lack of awareness, and some of it from greed. Of course any sense of lack of, or blindly desiring more of, is a kind of ignorance. A good place is to start is to understand a little more of what healing means. Healing means to make whole, to bring the parts together as one. We are all fragment parts of the same fragment whole. Simple, and not so simple. The fragments cannot simply be taped up and stuck together with a few peace treaties, laws to protect nature and medical and technical innovation. The solution does not lie in science, or religion, or politics.  True healing is a process of growing awareness, and understanding of inner healing, of self, and at the same time, understanding that the inner self is totally connected to the outer reality. Healing of nature, of the planet and its societies is a spiritual journey – it is the spirit of man that is in need of healing.

Spirit is life. Recognising and honouring the sacred nature of life, ones own and that of others, and nature, is spiritual. It has little to do with religion or beliefs. It has everything to do with sensing the sacred one-ness of the universe. This is a mystery that cannot be explained scientifically, yet science can recognise the mystery by admitting that some things can be known and some things can only be felt… the big picture is an unknowable one, the mind and science can reason and probe and discover and speculate, but cannot grasp the infinite. Yet human consciousness can somehow sense the infinite.

Any dogma, scientific, spiritual or religious, that is not holistic in principle, is stripped of life, or consciousness. Spiritual practices have to be sacred for it to be spiritual. Science, religion or government or institution have to be spiritual for it to be functional, else it is fragment, or broken, and doomed to failure.

Becoming conscious of the whole is healing. In the process there are experiences of physical and mental illness, dis-ease, an absence of well-being. Developing a body-mind-spirit strategy seeks to unite the parts in conscious awareness of the whole – within, and without. The healing process is in taking the inner journey and manifesting the inner transformation in the outer world along the way. Then we learn to be, or become, the change we want to see in the world.

Heal through awareness and consciousness

Through discovering and developing and understanding of the process of inner healing, inner transformation, comes greater appreciation of the challenge of the healing of nature and society. The process is not a case of chicken-and-egg or egg-or-chicken – it is more a simaltanious growing of consciousness. As within, so without. The power of the heart is now becoming a scientifically understood phenomena. Love – or a strong, healthy heart space, emits a force field several times more powerful than that of the brain. Making a conscious connection to the one-ness, a feeling of the sacred sense of connection to the the one-ness, or consciousness to the Godhead, universal consciousness is the ultimate goal of yoga. The bodywork is to loosen and render it sensitive to conscious breathing practices, pranayama, the science of the breath. It was very specifically developed to bring about the states of mind necessary for meditation. In meditation it is understood, or felt, that the thinking mind, the intellect, is subject to the heart. Core spiritual teachings inspires love and wisdom, not rational knowledge. There is nothing irrational about proclaiming such spirituality, in fact it is vital that the study of the life force and consciousness makes 100% sense.

The thinking mind limits spirit

It is not so much about getting lost in the details of diet and conservation and socio-politics to save ourselves or the planet. Focus now on immediate surrender of ego and self-will to consciousness. Energy follows attention. Go within and the intention will infuse the heart with spirit, and spirit will open the mind. Inner healing brings about outer change. Reality changes. Become the change you want to see in the world. Be the change. 

A music peace project based on “going within”

We need to go beyond the scope of the ordinary, rational, thinking mind when we look for solutions. I just published a music track “Light of All light”, with a specific healing intention to connect the heart with the mind for a different way of looking at conflict.

The healing of war and conflict involves a mega constelation of powerful forces; entire countries and industries, controlled by more or less all the money on the planet. We cannot wish it away or pet end it isn’t so or debate against the situation. A vote or an online-petition or such action can make a difference, so does consumer pressure and debate, and voting. It is a human condition that is killling the planet. Often, or even mostly, it is sadly a sense of futile resistance that plagues the struggle for peace. And it is, when the struggle is without support of a large community of people.

And without the support of spirit. I’m talking God here. But not the god that both sides of the war claims to be on their side. For instance in the Middle East, there are two religious groups in direct, polar opposition. Both groups claim that they are right; about their religious beliefs, and what that entitles them to. Peace or agreements may be negotiated, that at best stalls further conflict, but it is a temporary peace, that of a drug addict without drugs, not an entity without the desire for the drugs. Lasting peace cannot be attained without resolving inner conflict.

It is useful to remember that consciousness – global consciousness of universal consciousness – is a force far greater than the money and power of of the war mongers. Conflict arise from duality. Rulers, war criminals and others who benefit from dualism rule the planet with divide and rule tactics. They know that fundamental, dualistic religious beliefs will always cause strife. They don’t want peace. A conflict situation can only be transformed when people are transformed. Searching for peace appears futile when looking at the scope of, for instance the Middle Eastern conflict. How does one reach hundreds of thousands of people, or their leaders, who have already made up their minds and closed their hearts to solutions?

Transformation through the power of the heart, and the power of consciousness.

Big changes are possible through little things. Everything has to start somewhere.

The music for Light of All light is an atmospheric, evocative cinematic soundscape with the title that hints at a metaphysical-spiritual notion that there is “a greater light” behind the “ordinary light” of the world. Go within, and be the change you want to see in the world. Please read the blog here and listen to Light of All light there, or below.

Peace Blessings, Johann, 12 March, 2015.

Cover image of from my new EP Desert Star Near Eastern Chill-out.

Desert Star Near Eastern Chill-out



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