Limitation vs Supernature

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The “Body, Mind & Spirit”orientation of hatha yoga promotes personal healing as “the” method to troubleshoot and resolve any situation, on any level. Solutions suggested by the “thinking mind” alone are not considered as valid the thinking mind on its own is “disconnected from the whole”.

Holistic health, or absence of a holistic, systemic worldview, of an individual, society or ecology, is the answer to all the problems the world faces.

Disrespect or disregard, nature and human, on any level, constitute ignorance of the holistic bioenergetic* ecology of the universes. Connection to the “holistic energy” of the whole, includes our “spiritual heart”. When Spirit informs Mind the “thinking” is expansive, when thought is ruled by the ego it is limited. Holistic BodyMind is systemically holographic, the Universe Within contains Spirit (Infinity). Understanding of the “whole” systems helps bring balance of Body (World, and world in Space) Mind (Time) Spirit (Eternal). The material realm is manifested into the world as a physical aspect of energy. Acknowledging, and exploring that energy is what yoga consciousness is all about.

Supernature – consciousness and wisdom vs. knowledge and facts

Infinite potential (healing and whole) may arise from understanding infinite source (Oneness). Eternity is an expanded capacity, and its “timelessness”, can’t be understood by thought alone, yet it may be directly experienced in meditation. Such a mystical approach, when based in ordinary reality, includes rational reality, while limited “hard science” factual reality does not include the mysterious, unfathomable “whole”.

For the world the healthy way, perhaps the only way forward, is to balance realities, and manifest “more” of the infinite into the finite. Such healing is not “fixing”, which can’t actually work without wisdom from the Whole. Personal and global healing has to begin within, through inner transformation of a limited (partial) reality worldview.

Such a spiritual philosophy is neither irrational or emotional. Its an objective openness to a possible energetic supernature. Energetic as consciousness manifests as nature, yet it is not nature.  There is world, matter, and there is spirit, energy. Nor the thinking mind nor the feeling heart, in separation of the whole, has the capacity to understand the whole, or transform either aspect. This is the difference between technology as a tool vs. tech as master, science and religion as information and dogma vs. as knowledge as an aspect of wisdom and life force (spirituality).

Consciousness in a human being occurs when Matter and Energy converge, its an evolving functionality. When the Mind is open to the multi-dimensionality of Infinite Being the heart and body is received into a transcending evolution, or centropy. The upward spiral is a spiritual-creative renewal. It’s the opposite of entropy, the beginning of reality, ongoing electrification of matter, considered by some the only constant in the universe. In centropy everything is renewed, nothing is destroyed. In this sense “ego” is entropy, and “surrender” centropy.

Such a worldview is frowned upon by some rationalists, intellectuals, atheists and like. In this one I’m rather naive than cynical; there is possible liberty or redemption in that, at the very least, true joy.

How to use yoga to help release your limitations

7 February 2017

* Webster Definition of bioenergetics. 1: the biology of energy transformations and energy exchanges within and between living things and their environments. 2: a system of physical and psychological therapy that is held to increase well-being by releasing blocked physical and psychic energy.

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