Power Flow Yoga for Peak Performance

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The flow of energy into, and within the body, brought about by sun salute sequence is palatable after even only two or three rounds, or two minutes of practice.

Based on hatha yoga’s vinyasa principle of flowing movement in harmony with flowing breath, this yoga of supple agility has been incorporated into the training of achievers in surfing, tennis, golf, and sports that demand flexibility, strenght and focus. Some cricket and rugby teams are also doing yoga for enhanced performance and protection from injuries.

 Sun Salute supplies the movement required

People from all walks of life are getting it that the best thing to improve mobility is to… keep moving and remain mobile.

For many ordinary mortals just getting out of bed on a weekend to exercise, or paddling into a bigger wave can be a challenge. The same yoga sequences utilised for peak performance may be used to maintain basic functionality. The intensity (difficulty level, speed, drive and duration) of your Sun Salute sequences determines if it is a warm up, or an intense practice.

How to do the Sun Salute Sequence

I present two variations:

●  a  traditionally inspired Warm-up sequence
●  a competitive, advanced Power-up version

Start with 2 slow rounds and continue with at least 2 faster, rhythmic rounds, do as many as you have time for.
Or move on to the Power-up sequence, and practice as many rounds as feels right for your body.
Running out of breath is usually as sign of incorrect breathing, straining, or staccato movement.

Practice both sequences with cautions:

●  A basic understanding of the principles of vinyasa flow yoga is beneficial
●  You must enjoy basic mobility, sporting or yoga ability, free of injuries or ailments, chronic or temporary
●  Pre-practice loosening and warming up of all the joints and muscle groups

Sun Salute Warm-up Instruction

●  May be practiced as a gentle, restorative yoga
●  As preparation for a Power-up version

Sun Salute Power-up

●  Apply to a competitive, demanding, challenging training environment
For more advanced yogis 

Power Flow Yoga Music

I produced the music heard in the videos to optimise the rhythm, speed and enjoyment factor of the sequence. Once you are familiar with the practice, turn the soundtrack up loud, and go for it. From my album Bliss Yoga Music for a Power Flow (1 Hour Youtube Playlist).

Greetings, and salutations,
Johann Kotze Music & Yoga
Cape Town

Ps: I captured a glimpse of Sun Salute practiced in the ancient Indian ritualistic-lifestyle fashion:

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