Rousing and Grounding, an Exodus Within

Posted by on Apr 28, 2019 in Blog

Life and God, God and life. God in life, Life in God. Whatever the meaning of all these type of statements may be, the religious aspect of life is nothing but a facade unless there is an inner practice. The inner practice itself is nothing but a crutch or a dependancy unless there is an inner transformation. Transformation is within, the change of “be the change”. An energetic shift of the physical. There has to be a practice. A walking of the talking. If God is in Everything, and Everything is God, Awareness is the practice.

It is this inner awareness that is the change, an inner exodus, that leads from the matrix of materialistic duality, to the Inner Peace of Liberation. This liberation is a physical union with All That Is, the bodymind is a gateway, not to nothing, but to Spirit. The practice of yoga practice is the gate to the way of yoga, and leads to yoga. After all, what does the word Yoga and the practice of Yoga mean but Union? Union of All Things, physical, and subtle, or manifest and unmanifest. Exodus is by movement of the body, by energy and breath, uniting Shiva and Shakti in the grounding of Life, rousing the Kundalini to Rise. This Life Force is the Force of Liberation.

When we let it, allow it, Spirit moves the BodyMind, raw and bright, to shine, joyously, and the Life Force Energy becomes the soundtrack of Life, to lead us from ignorance to the Light. This blog was inspired by powerfully pulsing, inspiring groove of Exodus, by Bob Marley and his band.

Hari Om Tat Sat

Muizenberg Beach
Cape Town
28 April

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