Sunrise is a great yogi blessing

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The most profound things in life are often the most simple. Like sunrise. Its size and magnitude is astonishing. Coming from a dark night sky that gradually changes to translucent light over a period of about an hour, then specially here in Muizenberg, on the horizon, the first golden peak over the mountains on the other side of the bay, suddenly becomes a rising fireball into the sky. A minute or two later and its all over, the day gradually settles into a less nuanced and striking, stronger but more pale, flat light.

Muizenberg Beach Sunrise

Sunrise is an auspicious event, every day

Witnessing a brilliant sunrise is an awesome, spectacular phenomena. A reminder that we are so tiny in comparison to this display, and a reminder that we live on a planet that circles around the sun, every day. To appreciate the magnificence of a natural spectacle suggests the magnificent capacity of human beings to see, and understand natural wonder. The sale boggles the mind when we realise that our solar system is but a speck in a greater cosmos.

We are show how natures forces are so much bigger than oneself, yet knowledge and appreciation of these forces inspires us.

Big and simple

Appreciation and wonder sets in motion the wheels of philosophical insight and balances the thinking mind with what may thought of as mystical awareness. The big picture and the small details come into view at the same time, the science and magic of life just make more sense at dawn. Connecting with the extraordinary realisation that we live on a planet as a spinning, lit-by the-sun-world, helps balance the reality of traffic and deadlines, strife and striving, with exactly the kind of illumination one my find from yoga practice.

Sunrise Muizenberg Beach Surf Yoga Time

This blog was inspired by what was one of the most extraordinary sunrises I ever witnessed over False Bay. I went out for a quick sunrise surf before class, so didn’t have a camera to capture. I noticed the above image posted on Facebook (thanks, Derek) later the day.

What a great blessing to behold a sunrise

– make a commitment to treat yourself to those early morning rays.

Johann Kotze Music & Yoga,
Cape Town, Muizenberg,
3 February 2016.


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