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The essence of this book is to help guide the sincere seeker of Samadhi to the Gateless Gate, a metaphysical bodymind state, to provide the curiosity and means, and above all, sincerity and power, to pass through the gate, and return safely to where we always already are – peacefully, in the here, now.

By this Light of Awareness, we are conscious.

The inspiration and basis for this practice is the Great Heart Mantra “Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhisvaha“. Mantra has been in use in Yoga and Buddhism for ages. But it is crucial to understand that there are many paths to The Gate, and many ways through “the gate”.

My writing on this huge topic of, what may be thought of as “enlightenment”, is deliberately brief. Yet the simple power of the Gateless Samadhi practice is, without having to make any specific claims or offer guarantees, efficient and illuminating – because the consciousness teachings herein are timeless, and universal, as wisdom belongs to the universe, eternally.
Likewise we, the seekers, belong to the universe. We are the consciousness of the teachings. And we are simultaneously the Keepers of the Gate.

For some of us it is our Soul Purpose to rediscover or verify this truth, or consciousness, and manifest that universal reality, in this reality.

The power is frequency

The practitioner is the keeper of the wisdom, the power of the practice is in the practice itself.

It is literally the vibrational energy of the Gate Gate mantra that unlocks the Light Stream Consciousness or Bodhisattva, already coded in the bodymind of the practitioner. The transformative energy potential of Light and Love Wisdom is immense. We are surrounded by layers and layers of wisdom contained in the Universal Life Force, the energy that animates human beings. Realize this, in your Body and Mind, and know that the bodymind itself is the gateway.

The conscious seeker, who looks for a path to peace, Samadhi, will sooner or later know, with absolute certainty, the only lasting peace is within. This is what self-realisation is; to understand and know Self. Samadhi.

As a yoga teacher and musician I can fully attest to the power of understanding and applying the concepts contained in the Gate Mantra. The only way to test this practice is through direct experience – which is great, because it means you have to take up the practice yourself.

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