My love for music and yoga is an inseparable, forever part of my life, and soul purpose.

I taught myself yoga, from a little pocket instruction book, on a Mediterranean island, 1989. I was drifting, not so much looking for meaning as for a meaningful way of being. Since then I’ve been teaching a yoga class, on average close to every day of my life.

My first memories are of stories and fairies (I played with them under my favourite tree). I grew up with a love of books, philosophy, nature and sports, mostly of the non-conformist kind. I also collected LP’s from age 10. As student I taught myself music and wanted to write songs. For years I fooled around seriously, performing and recording, and a decade of co-owning a music recording label as producer and promotor.

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When I got tired of that I published my Essentials of Effective Yoga book in (Five Keys to Well-being) in 2006, with a brief stint teaching at a spa and some corporate well-being.

Then I discovered home studio music production – a huge pleasure, creating sounds as I pleased, and selling it online. But I love the ocean, and that is why my family relocated in 2011 to the village of Muizenberg, on the edge of Cape Town city.


Now my music & yoga studio, at home, on the beachfront lets me pursue my passion for yoga and soul surfing, creativity and community. My life interest in authentic ways of living evolves as it should. Feeling blessed and privileged, immersed in my vocations of teaching yogaand music, as mediums of light consciousness.
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… from Worcester to India – a bit of a biography. Read more. 

Muizenberg, Cape Town,
April, 2018



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