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When I compiled my accumulated insights and practices of yoga for my Yoga Training material a few years ago, my appreciation of the vast efficiency and practical benefit of the yoga system grew to even higher levels than I already experienced.

As an offshoot to these training modules came the opportunity to consolidate my 30 years of a life steeped in yoga and music, and its therapeutic applications, in the below two offerings. I am pleased to share a humble beginning of the vision I had for myself, way, way back, as a yogi and musician, in a practical healing application of these two vocations. Here is to the future, and the past!

The links below provide more detail and background to my interest in sound and bodywork energetic healing.

● My yoga training decades ago was based on remedial, therapeutic yoga, a healing yoga style well suited to private individual yoga therapy.

● Healing music, and yoga and music combinations, as vibrational healing, and mantra, in group sound healing activations, and private sound healing therapy.

johann kotze vibrational medicine

Yoga in a Universe of Sound

Sound was the cause of – and witness to – the beginning of creation. The first manifestation of creation is understood as a cosmic sound vibration, that we know in yoga as OM.

Sound is vibration, and a powerful activator of the natural healing capacity of the bodymind. Activation of this innate healing is a primary function of yoga, and also motivates my vibrational healing practice.

The fact of the matter is that sound organises matter! This original sound principle is found in many texts. In the Vedas, as Shabda Brahma, similar to the Big Bang theory. And a transcendental sound vibration of creation as in the Bible, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Upcoming Sound Healing Activation Events

Persons interested in vibration healing, in meditation, bodywork or sound healing would do well with a deep look at yoga practices, including sounding.

Healing, Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga is a perfect holistic modality, and can be tailored to meet every need, on any level, for any individual. Gentle, slow, person specific private sessions, fill the gaps, large or small, that cannot be met in group classes. Therapeutic yoga is especially effective to regain whole body mobility for functional improvement of all physiological systems.

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