Go within. Be the change.

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Go within Johann Kotze Music & Yoga

The simple act of drawing the breath deeply, slowly into the body, and breathing out, with focus, soothes the nervous system. The bodymind is instantly stilled, and energised. The breath itself enhances absorption of oxygen and elimination of toxins. In a matter of a few minutes practice much life force is taken in.

We use this easy breath and meditation technique in all my yoga classes. The great thing about it is that it is proof that that meditation can be short, sweet and easy, and anyone can do it!

Inner peace is revealed, effortlessly

We learn to go within for inner peace, and its outwards manifestation. “During” mindfulness the body is literally minded, or observed, for example sounds, near and far, feelings, and thoughts, are noticed, not judged or evaluated or welcomed or rejected. A more mysterious world comes into view, in awareness of the body and the reasoning, rational, thinking mind, and the senses. Planning and scheming takes a back seat, the thinking mind is led to rest, and the physical body becomes a more noticeable presence. A state of pure being, or surrender, is created.

Meditation and pranayama practice in such an expansive awareness of “all that is” produce a state of equilibrium. A result is that Self or “observer self”,or “one”, so to speak, can “realise” there exists an inner quiet, unnoticed before, buried under the outer layers of persona and busyness. And that it is eternally present – it only goes away when we identify with the chaos and disconnect of the ordinary reality.

“Going within” is a search for an inner guidance, a reality deeper than mental belief systems and social conditioning. Here one can find a truth, under the surface, a value usually obscured by the illusion that the material world is the only reality. It is very important that we learn to “go within”and activate the heart and soul centres, to access inner wisdom. Wisdom is not a “headspace”. Inner knowing is verified with, but not subordinate to, intellectual knowing.

“Go within” helps us change our inner reality, to affect change in the outer reality!

Real, lasting, transcendental change requires such inner transformation. And it begins within ourselves, with an energetic transformation of “how we are”, not how we think we are, which is limited perspective.

An analogy would be that to make the world a happier place would require more than a law to force people to smile. Way to go is to cultivate inner happiness, so that the people of the world would smile because they can’t stop themselves from radiating their inner happiness!

Energy follows attention… 

Wherever our focus is, energy goes… focus inwards with the the “Go within (be the change)” chill out production from my new power flow yoga music album. Its hypnotic house+tabla beat and “go within/be the change” vocal phrases is an inspiring affirmation of the famous phrase by Gandhi.

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4 August 2015.

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