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We need to go beyond ordinary, rational, thinking mind when we look for healing. In meditation we learn “to go within”, to connect mind to heart and the whole being to Source, so that everything we “put out”comes from this source. We’re talking more awareness, less problem solving and fixing; more “wholeness”.

The healing of war and conflict, global or personal, involve a mega constellation of powerful forces. Economically entire countries and industries are controlled by a small percentage of players who manipulate much of the money on the planet. We cannot wish it away or pretend it isn’t so. There is also not that much one may do about this. A vote or an online-petition or such action can make a difference, so does consumer pressure and debate, and voting. Yet democracy is as much of a problem as it is solution – hence the idea to avoid the institutionalised systems.

It is a human condition that is killling the planet. Or possibly the sense of futile resistance that plagues the struggle for fairness and balance. And a struggle it is, in the absence of support of a large community of people. And without the support of spirit. I’m talking God here. But not the god that both sides of the war claims to be on their side. In the Middle East there are two religious groups in direct, polar opposition. Both groups claim that they are right; about their religious beliefs, and what that entitles them to. Peace or agreements may be negotiated, that at best stalls further conflict, but it is a temporary peace, that of a drug addict without drugs, not an entity without the desire for the drugs.

It is useful to remember that consciousness – global consciousness of universal consciousness – is a force far greater than the money and power of of the war mongers. Conflict arise from duality. Rulers, war criminals and others who benefit from dualism rule the planet with divide and rule tactics. They know that fundamental, dualistic religious beliefs cause strife. They don’t want peace.

It is not much different in personal relationships. Lasting peace cannot be attained without resolving inner conflict. A conflict situation can be transformed when people are transformed. How does one reach out to another being, or to hundreds of thousands of people and their leaders, who already made up their minds and are closed to solutions?

Transformation through the power of the heart, and the power of consciousness. Big changes are possible through little things. Everything has to start somewhere, and starting with oneself is always wise.

“Light of All light”

An atmospheric, evocative cinematic soundscape with the title that hints at a metaphysical-spiritual notion that there is “a greater light” behind the “ordinary light” of the world. Go within, and be the change you want to see in the world. Read the blog here and listen

Peace Blessings, Johann, 23 June, 2017.

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  1. Paul Paarman
    June 26, 2017

    Love this music..thanks for the gift. Watching the group creating these mystical sounds last Wedenesday at the Solstice ceremony was simply amazing.


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