Healing the chakra system

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“When the mind is steady, and the heart open, joy flows.”

Experience the joy of divine essence

The multidimensional aspects of body, mind and spirit, according to the yoga system, indicates the chakra system has to balanced for the whole being to experience well-being and bliss.

Healing chakra divine essence cape town johann kotze

The chakras are portals through which we may access and embody divine essence. The system is an interface for energy exchange between body and spirit, or the life force energy, Prana, and one’s interact-actions with the world. In this sense “divine essence” eternally exists as “soul”, and is materialised in our temporal bodies.  OM Chakra Mantra combines several yogic “techniques of consciousness” to open, balance and tune, or vibrate the chakras at the required frequencies for healing.

Mind, specifically thoughts, and by extension emotions, cloud the bodymind. Consciousness practices help clear or purify the body, and connect the practitioner spiritually with the life force and greater consciousness, literally “consciousness of consciousness”. By grace of God/OM of All That Is, the sleep or dream reality of unconsciousness may be transcended.

A classic spiritual saying states “when the mind is steady and the heart open, joy flows”. Or when the mind is open and the heart steady. In yoga the body (and the thinking brain) is only a vehicle, and a broken, dysfunctional one, or an expression of divine essence – who you really are. In the Tao of Pooh Pooh says the surest way to become tense, awkward, and confused is to develop a mind that tries too hard, that thinks too much. Ayurveda, a sister science of yoga, means “to make whole or heal” through “wisdom”. This beautifully synergises with yoga, which means “union” of the sum of the parts of body, mind and spirit.

Healing the chakra system through conscious awareness of the emotions and thoughts that obscure divine essence, causing limited reality perception, puts us in touch with unlimited potential.

This is an extract from Part 2 of the OM Chakra Mantra Divine Essence Module.


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