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Posted by on Nov 10, 2017 in Blog

I blogged below post as a reflection on my yoga life path on my Instagram which is now one year old. How much yoga did you do do this year? Did you share your energy with others?

The impact yoga practice has on one’s body is invaluable. The body that we take, or the vehicle that takes us through life. So important to maintain, as important as the mind that is completely inseparable from the body, while we are alive and breathing.

27 years after starting a regular yoga practice I am so grateful for yoga itself, and the life skills I derived from it. In gratitude I also acknowledge my amazing teachers at Ananda Kutir, where studied yoga, nearly every Saturday afternoon, for 7 years, during the 1990’s when Swami Parvati and Yogesh were taking Sivandanda teacher and remedial yoga training to what must surely be its ultimate heights. Ultimate because through the Amazing Mothers the beautiful energy of Swami Sivananda keeps on inspiring all down the line:

by doing yoga, in a studio, at home here or there, studying or teaching it, the practitioner, student and teacher is one and the same, and by being in the world, with others, yogi or non-yogi,   the energy of yoga lights up All of Creation.

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