A Mudra Practice

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Use of mudras is an absolutely simple technique that increases vitality and well-being. This advanced yogic practice is not difficult to practice, yet sustained, skilled, regular practice will produce astounding health benefits.

Mudras are specific hand positions that regulate, focus and distribute the flow of life force, or prana, within the body. The neural and nadi pathways, or meridians – unseen subtle energy channels – provide energy flow into, and within, the whole bodymind. All systems; immunity, cardio-vascular, digestive, and lymphatic, are strengthened, and amplifies potency of the whole. In a biofeedback loop this individual areas, such as joints, tendons, emotional and mental aspects, are healed.

The heightened sense of life force flow is experienced as calm stimulation,  a sense of health and happiness at the core of every cell!

Ornate, powerful functionality  

YogaPeaceMudra lends yoga a mysterious, esoteric air, but more importantly, helps balance the universal elements of earth, air, water, fire, and ether in the body.

The image of Goddess Lakshmi is an example of how yoga helps its practitioner receive Universal Life Force, and share it. Note her open, transmitting hands, with the thumb-to-finger gestures of mudra. Purposeful, high functionality, and mythical.

A simple mudra practice, with knowledge of the elements

The thumb represents fire. Each finger represents an element. Hold the thumb to each finger, for about a minute each, five minutes in total.*

● Sit in meditation,
● let the hands rest on the knees, palms open, in a gesture of receiving
● breathe a few deep, slow breaths
● with each inhale bring you attention inwards
● become body aware, get out of the head
● just sit in that awareness, feel what is happening, no expectations

● bring the thumb to the index finger, the air element
● move thumb to the middle finger, the ether/space element
● as previously, breathe and observe for about a minute
● move on to the ring finger, the earth element, breathe and observe
● move thumb to the pinky, the water element, breathe and observe
relax the mudras, sigh breath out, and just sit…

● let the hands rest on the knees, palms open, breathe a few deep, slow breaths, in self awareness, perhaps a sense of inner space.

 yoga mudra five elements

Regular practice for best results

● 30 minutes daily for a more powerful result
● but a 5 minute practice is more sustainable
● add a mudra practice to the open or close a meditation
● or start or end a yoga session
● do it in savasana
● while you listen to music for deep relaxation

My Yoga Training Online Course – for teachers and practitioners:

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Mudra for a life goals

Realise your life goals, incorporate mudras with your meditation and asana. Would you like world peace? Start with cultivation of your own inner peace – the “peace mudra” 🙂

Yoga Peace Einstein & Jesus


  1. Sagar Shakya
    September 20, 2017

    it’s a pretty blog. We should practice about these yoga mudras. So we will know about steps, benefits & time duration.

    • Johann
      September 21, 2017

      Thank you Sagar for commenting. I add your weblink mudrascience.com for more detailed practice and study reference.


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