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Chakra Workshop Cape Town Johann Kotze

OM Potency 

OM is the sound made in Yoga to connect with the non-duality of Everything. In a universe of consciousness it represents all expressions of the Life Fore. Its totality is the Godhead. When OM is sounded in the body, in awareness and appreciation of All That Is, the practitioner becomes one with all form and formlessness, in time and eternity.

Your Soul Expression 

The body is a material manifestation of the Life Force.
Your life is an incarnation of your individual soul.
To know this soul is to know your Divine Essence.
This is your potency as a human being – body, mind and spirit.

Do you know your soul purpose in this life?
Do you know ho to connect with it, in your body, and in your life?

Complete focus of the moment, in the moment, begins to reveal the potency of OM.

OM Divine Essence Mix

Connect to who you are with the OM mantra practice. Give honour to All that Is:
“OM Salutations to the Supreme Being, OM Celebrations to All that Is, OM to Your Divine Essence.”

The chant heard in my production is from a Tibetan Mantra to invoke the Mother of Purified Wisdom, the Sherab Chamma. She is also known as Satrig Ersang, a Sacred Name for the Divine Mother of kindness and compassion. It is a heart mantra.

The original Sherab Chamma chant is of ancient root race origin, timeless, old as the the fabric of the Eternal… let the sounds of the track awaken your bodymind to OM-potency.

Notes on the music & sound 

Soothing and tranquil yoga, meditation and spa music is the general norm in the West. Tibetan chant music is often very clangy and noisy, perhaps unusual or strange in context of yoga its Indian cultural heritages. OM-nipotence connects with world music genre, and Tibet, considered by some as the crown chakra of the world. I recorded the syllables of the chant in an American Indian style, not the traditional melody. Shamanic. Mystical.

OM Light of Truth

Satrig Ersang, the Mother of Purified Wisdom, the Sherab Chamma, is thought of as one of the four aspects of the Divine Godhead. It is a feminine Goddess manifestation of the Undifferentiated Whole. She leads the male deities in their expression of Light/Truth, Procreation, Teaching, and inspiring Creativity and Wisdom. A vital energy balance for personal, global and cosmic harmony.

Wishing all awesome OM-ness,
a deep, joyous experience of the Life Force.
Johann Kotze,
Yours in Yoga,
Cape Town

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