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My track “Magnificent” includes a poem by Rumi, These words are those of a true master-mystic:

We are a drop in the ocean,
and the ocean,
is a drop in us.

Rumi was 13th-century Persian Sunni Muslim poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, before becoming a Sufi mystic. The words he became famous for had the elegance and wisdom of a being throughly versed in in an intellectual world. In fact the prime interest of Rum may be observed as the entanglement of the soul within the world.

Because spiritual love transcends national borders and ethnic divisions, Rumi’s legacy has been greatly appreciated the past seven centuries. His poems are translated into many languages as the “most popular” and “best selling poet” in the United States his beautiful phrases are as numerous on the internet as Buddha’s, quoted left, right and centre on social media. Yet unlike the Buddha, no image of Rumi comes to mind. And it is apt, as Rumi often speaks of love of the spiritual kind, as found in the heart, of everyone. It is unseen, but not unwitnessed, a universal love.

Yoga as a Universal Mysticism 

One may fancifully imagine Rumi as a yogi, despite this not being historical truth. Cultural differences aside, the ancient and older civilisations of the East and Middle East have much in common – and the spread of Eastern wisdom to the West is essential to balance material with spiritual cultures, and to ensure evolution of the less materially inclined. Annie Besant’s 19th/20th century theosophy society is largely based on yoga philosophy – one of their prime treatises “At the foot of the master” speaks of Love as the most important of all qualifications. For me the real value of Rumi is the inspiration to know the presence of the timeless, Eternal Soul, where it resonates in the warmest heart, with the keenest mind. A mystical love, upon inner reflection of Source. Says Rumi: “Why should I seek? I am the same as He. His essence speaks through me. I have been looking for myself!”.

The 30 minute EP “Ocean Balm” below was made in my music and yoga studio It is inspired by the ocean it overlooks, yoga, and, in this instance, Rumi, and the modern technology that enabled me to record and share “Magnificent”.

With much gratitude to Yoga, and the mystics of all times from all lineages.
Johann, Muizenberg, Cape Town,
10 March 2018

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