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The chants and rituals of yoga are meant to invoke direct experience, or perception of Being Human, on Earth, in the Universe. These practices are life affirming and decidedly non-religious. In “Sacred On Earth” I combine my musical and yoga practices to create an immersive experience of yoga music, mantra, sounding, soundjourney, breathing, meditation, and its metaphysical philosophy.  

Sacred On Earth Mantra Chant Soundjourney YogaVeda

About the production

Sacred On Earth is about being more aware of the BodyMind and Soul experience of Being Human. Philosophy, practice and music performance may meet as a healing experience that is hopefully also entertaining.

Sacred On Earth is to some degree improvised and may vary from a “one man show” of 60 – 90 minute to soundjourney and yoga sessions. Its content may be incorporated into a traditional yoga class, or presented as performance art. Collaboration with other teachers or musicians may be added, and the more traditional yoga class content could happen in any familiar yoga setup or adapted for other settings. While the content is yoga and philosophically inclined it is meant to be accessible to audiences with or without yoga experience, with an interest in arts, culture and philosophy. I am touring Sacred Earth around in my area, but eventually also would love to take it further afield to small and large venues, yoga studios, healing rooms, house concerts, outdoor events, or as part of a yoga or spiritual festival events.

Incorporated in Sacred On Earth is my Sound Activation/healing (read more here). See my general workshop/events schedule.

My thoughts on the production

As a yogi and musician I am interested in the same thing that both offer: a connection into the Mystery of Creation. Life is all about perspective, and the way reality is perceived. In Yoga Everything that exists in the Universe, is named All That Is. One may be able to sense this All because everything is a vibration. The Way of the artist is to express this mystery. The function of the yogi, sound therapist, healer or shaman is to connect into this Way. 

Such awareness is a Universal bottomline of Understanding All That Is. Understanding of yoga, healing arts, art, visual, composition, and specifically of Self. Such perception is best experienced in silence, and may only be entered in Surrender. Here is where Self is Realized when True understanding arise. This is also where True Nature is revealed. And the reason why rituals of silence is Sacred. As Sacred as Nature. 

Everything heard, unheard, seen, or unseen, are aspects of consciousness. According to yogic philosophy the material world is a distraction and barrier to Universal Awareness. Liberation from Samsara is a Knowing of Consciousness from beyond the Veil. On the side of materialism and limitation we suffer in unconscious. To transform the subconscious we have to awaken of activate the BodyMind in many different ways. We may want to tap into our dreams, follow our bliss, practice deep breathing, meditation and other yoga techniques. 

The Sacred Earth production was born, amongst other things, from a dream, the morning after talking to a friend about the kind of metaphysics, philosophy, and Way of Life l wrote about here. It’s as simple as that – synchronicity. 

Willingness to engage, openness to accept pain, Light enough to be buoyant when its Dark. Its about survival and transcendence. We are alone in this and we are in God. Brahma and Atman meets when the sattvic spark is ignited. Life and death is about celebration of life and death. It’s all theater and life is the stage – we make it up as we play. 

This narrative, the stories we tell ourselves, and share with others, create our community, and is a communion. In community and Holy communion we are holistic. Whole. We break bread and drink wine. In Yoga we attune the BodyMind with practices that make it possible to be fed by Soul.  

When these realities are in harmony vibration the Way of the Tao appears. It is an Eternal Peace. When this state of BodyMind is Directly perceived and therefore experienced, there is Peace on Earth. Within. Chanting OM Mane Padme Hum, or vibrating with it, transforms the BodyMind, and therefore perception and experience, into Peace. Peace on Earth. Sacred Earth. OM Mane Padme Hum.

Event schedule and details

14 November
Sacred Earth – Sunday Sunrise Yoga & Sound

Yoga on the edge of the water at Zeekoevlei. Tune in to the sunrise and nature from the lovely lawns of a private, East facing, beautifully natural fynbos garden.   

Yogi-musician Johann Kotze teaches an accessible style of healing yoga, conducting sessions with a sense of fun, while observing a deep sacred spiritual lineage.   

● Arrive from 7 AM
● Tea or Coffee self serve available throughout
● Bring your own breakfast or snacks

20 November
Sacred Earth Launch

Venue is a private home in Bergvliet. 
Please let me know should you like to attend this event, for only R 50, to cover beverages and snacks.

21 December
Summer Solstice Beach Yoga


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