The healing power of nature and yoga practice

Posted by on May 27, 2014 in Blog

FacebooktwitterpinterestmailFacebooktwitterpinterestmailAfter a particularly challenging week and weekend I woke up this Monday morning feeling less than great. A few nights in a row up with a sick child, working till late and rising early to complete a project, and dealing with the unexpected, devastating death of our cat on Friday and a funeral on Saturday was only mildly alleviated by a solid 8 hour sleep Sunday night.

My body and soul craved a yoga class.

After dropping Alexander at school on my bike I decided to not go home to work, to race instead to nearby Kalk Bay community hall. It was a cold, clear and beautiful morning, I was glad to just go to yoga. I was sure the impromptu decision was a good one, the bit of time to regain its internal balance was non really negotiable. Glenn’s class was, as usual, great, uplifting. I felt much better. Yet upon leaving class I realised that it wasn’t enough to put me back on track.

I considered a swim in Dalebrook pool opposite the yoga class venue, then didn’t feel like a potential miserably wet and cold ride back home, I didn’t even have a towel with me. It was still early and instead of going straight home to the office I went for a coffee. Which didn’t quite do the trick either. Psyching myself up to “push on” with the day seemed the only option. Cycling home past the St James I noted the clear ocean breaking into the tidal pool,  the water and light and a thousand memories of buoyant salt water called me – I thought what the heck and with great joy felt the pull of the coming experience.

I locked my bike and walked out on the pool wall, stripped to my boxers. It felt like time slowed down, I started to look and look at everything, time slowed down and everything I saw appeared brilliant. Inner balance suddenly came, all the emotions and physical challenges of an off balance rhythm cleared.

Pale winter sunlight broke though the thin cloud cover, in dazzling displays of light on the water. It felt like was inside a giant crystal. I sat on the wall and looked and looked at the green mountain range, right next to the ocean.  A few minutes of meditation and pranayama elevated the yoga class to high level of self practice. Diving in for the swim was awesome, sunlight reflecting off the water as if part of the water. I felt the brilliant natural high of connection with nature.

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I went to yoga knowing its importance as a resource. I always, sooner or later, turn to yoga practice and/or nature for its healing powers. In this instance yoga helped me shift towards the necessary balance so that I could experience the additional healing force of nature. With all my systems invigorated and fired up by the cold water I didn’t even feel the cold air as I went back home on the walkway along the sea, underdressed as I was in a “t”. I felt good. That felt good.

Such is the healing power of yoga practice and nature.

27 May 2014.

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